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  1. eagleye101

    WEB/DIGITAL Monetization of travel blog. Any ideas?

    Hi, I have a travel blog about Greece which was created somehow by mistake. Let me explain. Back in 2015, I wrote (actually outsourced) a travel Kindle book about Greece since the country receives millions of tourists each year. The book itself was not really a success but one of the ideas I...
  2. eagleye101

    [Philosophical question] If money wasn't an issue, what would you do to improve your everyday life?

    Hello Everyone, I'm writing this in the mindset section because I believe this has a lot to do with identity (from the perspective of the identity that MJ talks in the book Unscripted). I recently made some profit from entrepreneur activity and I decided to invest it in tools that would make...
  3. eagleye101

    OFF-TOPIC If you could do one thing to upgrade the level of your life, what would it be?

    One of the core components of identity shift, is the enviroment and the daily routine we live in. If our life is upgraded, even for 1% it starts impacting us on the inside and on the outside. So, my question is, as stated in the title of the thread: what would you do to upgrade the level of...
  4. eagleye101

    INTRO Introduction+

    Greetings Unscripters and Fastlaners, A few years ago a close friend recommended the Fastlane Millionaire book. The title sounded, you know... like another "get rich fast book", but my friend was very enthusiastic about it. So I got the book and decided to read it on my vacations. Hooked! Took...

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