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  1. MichaelCash

    OFF-TOPIC How to find people to join my company on LinkedIn

    I have a website that belongs to the social/media advertising industry. It targets small and medium-sized businesses in different industries, including international trade, retail, online business, and many others. It helps entrepreneurs connect and find business partners to expand their...
  2. MichaelCash

    1 on 1 Zoom event - please criticize the idea

    Yes, similar, but I want to have an event scheduled at a specific date/time
  3. MichaelCash

    need help to come up with a business model for a message board for recruiters

    1. It is mostly IT-related job, software engineers, testers, web designers, project managers, etc 2. I did guest posting on forums, article marketing, blogs, linkedIn promotion, bought some gigs on Fiverr, some pages got indexed and picked up by google 3. I didn't even think about what...
  4. MichaelCash

    need help to come up with a business model for a message board for recruiters

    Hello, I run a message board for recruiters where they post job offerings and new positions. After some promotion, I have a few posts per day regularly. Unfortunately, a bigger part of their content is not unique because it usually first posted somewhere else, e.g. on indeed or LinkedIn...
  5. MichaelCash

    1 on 1 Zoom event - please criticize the idea

    I have got an idea to organize 1 on 1 online sessions in zoom. The idea is that people register on the website and leave their emails. My service matches people interested in some specific subject. After this, it sends out an email to the parties that were matched with a zoom invite and they can...
  6. MichaelCash

    What hobby or business is good to expand social circle?

    Can someone recommend me what business should I start or maybe what hobby to acquire to expand my social circle? I don't want to do it full time, but rather a kind of part-time project. I was always amazed by TV anchors, as they are so good in connecting with people while they have guests in...
  7. MichaelCash

    Time to plan for the next RE phase

    I was talking about residential real estate. Look at this chart, see attached. It doesn't look like too volatile. Though the recent trend doesn't look good to me :(
  8. MichaelCash

    Quora as a marketing channel, anyone?

    I was able to get some traffic from Quora and Yahoo answers. It is easy to start and you can market your business by explaining its benefits in the response. I tried different strategies, for example, to target popular, high ranked questions or target questions with less number of responses, so...
  9. MichaelCash

    What's wrong with me? Why didn't I stick to my long term goals?

    It is good to have goals and track the progress, but sometimes it is Ok to take a break, so maybe you can come back to your goals with new energy. I have a list of my goals on my phone in Google "Keep Notes" app so I can take a look at this list at any moment, which is a kind of a reminder. It...
  10. MichaelCash

    Services I Overpaid For

    Handymans are paid pretty well. We had a few electric switches replaced in our condo and they charged me $150 per hour. And the market is pretty big - almost everyone needs something like this to be done at home from time to time. Also, it is hard to find a handyman who you can trust, because...
  11. MichaelCash

    LANDFILL Cloud Hosting Idea

    Good idea. To me AWS looks too complicated with hundreds of services they offer. Sometimes, there is no way to create kubernetes or spark or ... cluster if you are not an admin and don't have much experience. It would be nice to have some more lightweight UI. What you need to think is how hard...
  12. MichaelCash

    Online Courses For Free What Would You Do ?

    Does it make sense in your case to try a donation model, when people are not forced to pay but can donate if they feel they so?
  13. MichaelCash

    What I Learned Operating A Commercial Cleaning Company

    Wow, so many good points! I would not agree about "You don’t need a partner". I noticed, most of my business were successful only when I had a partner. Having a partner is a kind of a test for your idea. Also, it gives a lot of inspiration
  14. MichaelCash

    EXECUTION Old man tries to start

    Congrats! People can start business in any age. The older you are the more experience you have. Here is my strategy. I personally like looking at some of my pets project as not very important till some moment. I am running a bunch of them in parallel without dedicating significant resources...
  15. MichaelCash

    Biggest issue you face with starting/running your own business ?

    Well, I am failing to analyze my ideas/project before I get into this. Then in the middle I realize that the idea is not perfect. It is hard to select the right ideas and then have courage to commit to them for long period of time
  16. MichaelCash

    Marketing for custom sneakers

    Think about something creative. E.g. Sneakers for Santa :smile2: Come up with a viral story that can be shown in the news. Maybe donate you Sneakers to local children sport team. I always admire when they show stories like this on TV
  17. MichaelCash

    I'm not smart enough to sell my services, I'm just really good at what I do for myself

    Good that you have progress! A lot of things may change as you move on with your plan. I am always very careful with goals like "X amount of $ by date", as they can kill creativity and add additional stress. But on the other hand it is important to have discipline and work on a project everyday...
  18. MichaelCash

    HOT TOPIC Who buys courses?

    I think some niche courses can be very popular. I personally bought a bunch of courses related to software engineering, cloud and project management in the past. You can research what is currently trending
  19. MichaelCash

    Time to plan for the next RE phase

    What if it starts in 10 years but not in 2? I have seen a chart that shows changes in real estate prices in response to a financial crisis. What surprised me is that except for 2008, the prices for the real estate didn't go down much. So maybe it make sense to think about other assets

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