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  1. Tanu1234

    Inspirational video on Quarter-Life Crisis

    Hi, Watched very good video on Quarter life crisis. Inspirational. View: Thanks, Tanu
  2. Tanu1234

    How to grow service business systematically?

    Hi, I have accounting n tax practice n it is growing fast. I am thinking to hire first employee. What steps should i take to grow business systematically without burning out n loosing quality of service? I have local n global clients. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Tanu1234

    INTRO Hi From Tanu

    Hi, I am Tanu from India. I am Chartered Accountant and running Accounting and Tax Consulting business for 5 years. ( Online and local). I am here to meet like-minded people, feel inspired and learn & share my experiences.Help others if I can. Thanks for reading my intro. Tanu

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