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  1. Jonathan Hart

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Wasn't perfect, but it went okay for a first ever, and now I have a portfolio client
  2. Jonathan Hart

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    f*ck f*ck f*ck I have a meeting with a potential client in a coffe shop. I'm anxious but also excited, however this time I'm setting my expectation low to not get disappointed
  3. Jonathan Hart

    HOT TOPIC The 75 Hard Challenge + Live Hard by Andy Frisella (2020 version)

    I only track protein really, but I've been on a specific diet in the past which I pretty much remember by heart, so my macros should be okay. I did kind of ignore the 200-300 calories from the 45 minute walk. Sleep has been way better since starting the challenge, I can actually fall fairly...
  4. Jonathan Hart

    HOT TOPIC The 75 Hard Challenge + Live Hard by Andy Frisella (2020 version)

    Day 9/75. Probably the hardest two days so far, I'm not used to so much activity and I've been feeling very tired. It's usually okay at the moment I'm at the gym or taking a walk, but I might not be eating enough. The daily 2 workouts have been to hardest for me, water is pretty easy, even if...
  5. Jonathan Hart

    HOT TOPIC Doing the Andy Frisella "75 Hard" Challenge

    I just started today. I'm adding a few things into the 75HARD: Weighting and Journaling daily. I'm logging my weight into a website called The Hacker's Diet, it calculated your weight trends and I like it a lot. I've been doing great on the fitness side last year, but then I went traveling and...
  6. Jonathan Hart

    EXECUTION JohnnyBme's progress (the fight against action faking and resistance)

    Not the best. The lockdown made me revert back to a lot of NEET habits. I have progress a bit in the code academy course, but I could have done much more I've got an opportunity for a first web design client from my mom's business, so that's nice. things are looking better today, I'll make an...
  7. Jonathan Hart

    Podcast to figure out this coronavirus thing.

    This guy is doing a pretty good job of it: View:
  8. Jonathan Hart

    HOT TOPIC 'Parasite' won the Oscar for "Best Picture." I couldn't be more disgusted.

    What? It's a great movie. In my opinion it's actually poking criticism at poor people that hate the rich.
  9. Jonathan Hart

    HOT TOPIC The Worldwide Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic Discussion Thread...

    While it's a nothing burger, it seems like countries are dealing with it so badly and not just china shutting people down at the start, US not taking WHO's test kits and trying to make their own (and f*cked it up), While Korea already tested 100k+ people drive-through style Mike Pence who is...
  10. Jonathan Hart

    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's 2019 Step-By-Step Upwork Tutorial for Brokeass Bootstrap Beginners Who Need Cash Now!

    Why are you doing this? I think it's a nice start for some experience working with clients, and earning money online for the first time. Describe your endgame in specific detail: Get to a point I will quit my part time job, and be able to travel while earning money (enough to cover the trip and...
  11. Jonathan Hart

    HOT TOPIC Who here has quit social media?

    I think it really depends on HOW you use social media. I barely use facebook besides useful groups, and I don't follow many people on instagram (and I mute a lot of people/stories). In my opinion reading the news is much worse than using social media (and according to research, social media can...
  12. Jonathan Hart

    EXECUTION JohnnyBme's progress (the fight against action faking and resistance)

    Hello fastlaners, I planned to do a separate intro thread, but I thought making a short intro here would be better. I know @Tubs and @doot online, and recently seeing them making progress threads inspired me to make my own. I was recently stuck in Belgium because my flight got delayed (thanks...
  13. Jonathan Hart

    MARKETPLACE Can Web Design Be Profitable for You - The NO “Hype” Fox Web School Legends Program

    Watching this thread. Im wondering the same thing as @skylablu I have 0 web design knowledge and experience. Can I still take the course?
  14. Jonathan Hart

    GOLD! Achieve Laser FOCUS + PRODUCTIVITY With The System Legendary Fastlaners Use...

    This is great, I am starting to use this right now!
  15. Jonathan Hart

    HOT TOPIC What books are you reading currently?

    I just finisher the Master & Margarita, I can see the importance of it's criticism of the USSR but the book was sometimes boring and was all over the place. I started The War Of Art, it's amazing. I've done a lot of action faking, and the ideas in the book nail it amazingly.
  16. Jonathan Hart

    Wtf is this?

    It's hilarious how similar this is, he even ghost named himself Marco. Ironically, this gave me an idea...
  17. Jonathan Hart

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    My moleskine journal. I buy a new one each year (2019-present). Also, the retractable highlighters I have, I love em - I can hold a book with one hand and highlight with the other (without having to use both hands if I was using a highlighter with a cap).

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