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  1. zackj117

    on the Road to 100k as a software developer, 5 red flags to watch out for with startups

    I recently spoke with the CEO of a decently early-stage startup. He had people on his advisory board and people in his team with interesting backgrounds. One was even one of the higher-ups at Disney. He was an author who I assumed was decently accomplished, he wasn’t starving but he wasn’t JK...
  2. zackj117

    Exactly how I (anualized) am on track to make 300k-400k a year with software development (and you can too)

    So this is one I really wanted to outline and get out of the way for all of the folks that are wondering exactly how I do this. There is no magic or secret sauce here. I frequently put in 80 hour plus weeks of work. And this work isn’t exactly the most mind-numbing thing like emails or phone...
  3. zackj117

    INTRO How a broke 20 year old college dropout started making 6 figures a year with code ( and you can too )

    Hey guys, this is my first post on any type of forum like this, so please forgive me if I begin to ramble. That being said hello! My name is Zack. I don't claim to be a millionaire, though I am confident within a few years I will be there. I am currently heading toward ~400k a year as a...

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