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    What makes this ad good (or bad)?

    This may throw some of you for a loop since it's for my slowlane business and will actually be printed in a phone book :nailbiting:, but I would appreciate some feedback. I'm trying to get away from a huge list of services offered since that's what most companies do, but I did list a few of...
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    C&B ticket available

    It's last minute but if anyone can still make it I have an extra ticket available.
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    Speeding in the slowlane... time to hit turbo

    I'm working on hitting the fastlane but I'm not there yet. I'd like to amp up my slowlane business as well and turn it into something that I could eventually sell. I own a plumbing company which consists solely of me right now. I do everything. It's hard nasty work. I work long hours and...
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    MEETUPS Anyone near Tulsa?

    I'd love to arrange or attend a meetup with some like minded people. Is anyone near Tulsa, OK?
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    WEB/DIGITAL FINALLY a breakthrough! Now what?

    After months of indecision and inaction I had 3 ideas just yesterday, two of which I will definitely pursue. I'm still on the fence with the third. It's like I was in the "need zone". I just found one need after another and ways to solve them. It was incredible! It was all so clear! I was...
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    $40,000 in 21 Days

    I started an Indie Go Go campaign for a 12 year old girl that was in a car wreck and has been in the hospital for almost 4 months. Her mother died in the crash and her brother lost vision in one eye. I need ideas to promote this. Would advertising on facebook be worth it? Check it out...
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    Time to abandon the doublewide...

    First, if this would be more appropriate in another section, please move it rather than delete it. I wanted it to be seen and lessons learned could apply to "for profit" ventures. I recently volunteered to supply labor and materials to plumb a new house for a family that was in a car accident...
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    I'm stuck / Paralysis of Analysis / Information Overload

    I don't know where to begin, or where to end for that matter, to keep this thread from being so long no one will read it. I use to think real estate was fastlane, but then I started realizing its not (generally). I started realizing that scale is what matters and that's hard in real estate. I...
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    Carny Intro

    I'm Justin. I go by Carny. I have no affiliation with any carnival and have all my teeth (with the exception of wisdom teeth). I'm from a small town in Oklahoma near Tulsa. I think I found this forum searching for advice on flipping cars. We just found out we have another baby on the way...

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