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  1. Jdes91

    Gaming chairs... do you recommend?

    Hey fastlaners, this is the second part of my first question about standing desks. Do any of you have experience using gaming chairs for alternating between standing and sitting for extended periods of time? They seem pretty comfortable overall with more lumbar and neck support.
  2. Jdes91

    Standing desks... Recommend?

    Does anyone on the forum feel more productive when they are working standing as opposed to sitting for long periods of time? I am wondering if I should invest in a standing desk as back pain from sitting is starting to distract me from getting work done (even though I've been taking frequent...
  3. Jdes91

    Best hobbies for disconnecting from the hustle?

    What do you guys do for hobbies to re-charge your brain? Is it better to stay away from passive leisure like video games and TV and focus more on creative stuff like books and playing music? I love playing guitar, and I'm guessing its a good idea to do things that challenge your neural...
  4. Jdes91

    INTRO When to wake up, how to find time to entrepreneur while working a full time job...

    Hi guys, just finished reading the Millionaire Fastlane, loved it. Question for all of you, how much time do you all spend working on/developing your business ideas, especially if you work 35 hours a week? Do you all wake up around the same time every day? What are some of your habits that make...
  5. Jdes91

    WEB SCHOOL No experience developing apps, where to start?

    Hi guys I am interested in developing apps which address unmet needs, should I look into learning how to code first? Or outsource app development to eastern Europe or meet with senior app developers and pitch my ideas?
  6. Jdes91

    INTRO Read the fastlane! LOVED IT.. Where do I start?

    Hey everyone! First of all, I read the Fastlane, and absolutely LOVED IT!!! It was the book I truly needed to get started on my path to becoming an entrepreneur one day. MJ answered all my questions, and made me realize why it was time to stop being a consumer, become a producer, and put my...

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