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    INTRO In the mind of an African Boy

    Happy to see someone, here again, writing from Africa, for many reasons i agree with you about the situation in most of the African countries for I myself i come from Africa, Uganda to be specific. Yess, stories told here happens not to be favorable for the setting and African business...
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    GOLD! Creating a Thriving Personal Brand w/ YouTube - A Journal & A Personal Guide.

    I just read the entire thread from Page 1 to Page 10, your journey is mindblowing!! Your videos "The Truth About Money" and "The Rise Of fake Gurus'' severally appeared to my YT as recommended but it took me a couple of days to click on one. The day i did click on the "The Truth about money"...
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    EXECUTION 2020: Growing A Digital Marketing Agency And Achieving Financial Freedom As Fast As Possible!

    @Xolorr @Simon Angel for some reasons I landed on your thread after reading through @Xolorr 's thread it inspiring and i got hook in a blink. this is where it got interesting. @Xolorr throwing some knowledge to your thread because i myself kept on wondering about yours struggles and yet xolorr...
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    GOLD! 21 Years Old , $7K + Cashflow Business - How I kicked my a$$ into gear after years of action faking

    This is literally a blueprint well laid out for many here. Thank you Xolorr for being this generous.

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