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  1. mikeobi

    A good potential subscription box service?

    Hello everyone, I wanted to run an idea here and see what the response is. In my city there's this shop that has all these cool little handcrafted items from all sorts of countries like Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Russia, Tanzania, Peru etc. They carry things like small statues, figures, rare...
  2. mikeobi

    Newbie Importers Success?

    Hey guys, So I've always been interested in international business and e-commerce so I've gotten into importing. Right now I'm just waiting for and acquiring samples, but I wanted to know if any of you importers who have started not long have had any success? It would be great motivation!
  3. mikeobi

    19 year old college student advice

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum and like most of you I have big dreams and aspiration that will only be fulfilled through the fastlane (seems like someone of you have already succeeded so that makes me even more confident). I'm a 19 year old that currently in university (my parent's...

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