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    Is forex trading a fastlane process?

    No, your "value" to the market is simply to provide liquidity... That said, like all crowded spaces, only the top few and the "coaches" and "gurus" make the money. Why trade Forex when I can teach it!? Very similar to MLM ... 99% lose...
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    Looking for your next idea

    A lot of ideas are also found within the operations of existing companies. This creates the value skew. So you're not fixing "external problems", you're fixing a problem that another company isn't doing well. XYZ Company exists to solve problem Z. But while they fix problem Z, they are too...
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    Kevin O’ Leary says investing $100 a week will make you a millionaire by retirement

    Exactly. Saving $100 a month is a futile exercise in reality, but it is a great exercise in principle. When you start earning the big money, then saving $50,000 a month won't seem so unusual. And don't forget the taxes on earning $100K/mo comes out to about $125,000 EVERY QUARTER. So if you...
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    IMPORTANT! Getting the MOST out of Fastlane (Required Read)

    No, its called Sort by Best Posts. At the top of the thread toward the right.
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    INTRO Introducing myself

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    “Chat” Suggestion For MJ DeMarco

    If I remember that last time we had chat, it wasn't actual "chats" but drive-by posts... Spam, affiliate links, random "hellos", and "hey everyones" ... very rarely would there be a chat, at least not in real time. I've also looked for other active forums (like this) with chat enabled and...
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    INTRO Hello there

    Yes, lots of French people. Welcome.
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    INTRO Construction to fastlane

    Welcome Brad!
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    GOLD! Spot BS: Post your favorite MLM pitch...

    Yes, a real "be your own boss", not a fake one.
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    GOLD! Spot BS: Post your favorite MLM pitch...

    Any new pitches to report? I'm guessing with CV19 that the recruitment has intensified!
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    EXECUTION Invention Advise, Prototype being made!

    @Rearden i don't understand, what paperwork? What's the marketing plan?
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    If you had 2 months to learn a skill, that adds value and makes you money, what would you learn?

    Get a job, then upgrade to a skill. This explains the whole process. View:
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    How The Millionaire Fast Lane and Sell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby Changed my financial life forever

    Thank you, appreciate the referrals! Wealth Exposed is a digital- or audio-book -- not a physical book. It is VERY short. It is FREE if you are a member of Kindle Unlimited. The story itself is about 20 minutes long. And yes, it is somewhat of a prelude to TMF and/or UNS.
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    NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    Been reading a lot of books about writing, fictional mysteries, not really anything relating to biz or entrepreneurship.
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    Amazing, 300+ pages and this is your main takeaway. I'm not responsible for people's poor interpretation of my books... as if quitting your job = instant riches!
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    Fvck relationships and friendships

    Amen. Most humans are blind sheep, incapable of questioning whatever the television tells them. You'd think we were in an enlightened age, but I assure you we aren't. The Milgram Experiment is a prime example, 200 years ago, 100 years ago, 50 years ago, and 5 months ago... it doesn't...
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    MARKETPLACE I Will Teach You How to Copy My Offline Business - Personal Coaching Offer!

    Approved, although your price leaves a sour taste in my mouth. You have a link to that thread?
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    INTRO Hi from Germany

    Welcome Madlen, sounds like you've got some good things going.
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    INTRO Scared and Confused

    Did you quit with something in the works? Or did you just quit blindly because you hated it? Was there any plan? Unless you had a business already generating revenue, a blind jump into business is generally a bad idea, it can take months, sometimes years to get something working.
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    INTRO Happy my mind is opening up!

    Welcome Rob, glad u r enjoying the books!!

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