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  1. go giver

    Grow business using digital business card

    Pardo on my english As you know during the covid pandemic digital business card is one of the best way to get leads for your business . If you want one I can design it for you Kind regards Nisam
  2. go giver

    Does anyone know how to make animation explainer videos?

    pardon on my english. hi there! if anyone of you know any software to create animation explainer video please answer .i am trying to create explainer videos for my mobile app idea(just like dropbox did). first i am testing my idea with an animation explainer video and see how many signups .so...
  3. go giver

    My upwork account got banned what should i do?

    as the title say Upwork account got banned but I don't know why? I haven't been using it for a while because I finished up all the connect to submit proposal. Can someone help me to gett my upwork account back. Thank you
  4. go giver

    How can we promote this brand?

    After the dispute with organo, we renamed as "organos" now we are planning for direct deliver to consumers.we thought about taking orders with WhatsApp. For brand awareness, we are planning to distribute flyers to selectedareas. Is there any better way to market our products? What is your...
  5. go giver

    Can someone help me with the trademark dispute

    Quick story My family have started a shop near our house we focus mainly on quality and organic products. inorder to brand it I have created a logo named organo and we have created banners with our logo. but recently I have got a call from company saying that they have registered and...
  6. go giver

    How to market my 3moths old business

    Hi there! Quick story So I have started a small store in my home town(it's more like a family business ) the business is selling oil and other organic product that we procure from farmers. It's been 3 months the sales are pretty low so our family is planning to change it to another general...
  7. go giver

    tips to get start with affiliate marketing

    hello guys, I want to build a niche website it's like a store where u can compare price from various sites for the same item. I am planning to use Wordpress for the store. I don't know if its possible to create a store using WordPress any advice
  8. go giver

    hate school after reading unscripted

    school just reopened today but it feels like a waste of my time. I don't know why I feel like this. I hate every minute in my school. after reading TMF and unscripted it feels like the education system is completely wrong. it looks like it is the perfect guide to slowlane. the worst thing is...
  9. go giver

    how to get start with affiliate marketing

    hello, fastlaners I wanted to get started with affiliate marketing on a particular niche. my idea is to create a website with affiliate links of various sites which shows offers and price drop like camel camel camel. is it possible to create a website like that?.i 've been researching about it...
  10. go giver

    INTRO student to entrepreneur

    hello, fastlaners I am a 17 yr old from India.first of all thank you MJ for writing 2 wonderful books which opened my eyes to a new world. I have always felt that there is something wrong with the life I lived. but I don't...

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