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  1. mosam

    INTRO Tired of being slacked at my job.

    Great intro! Welcome @moneyxplorer Always happy to see fellow Quebecers on the forum
  2. mosam

    INTRO 0 to 1

    Welcome @Paulandrei0to1. To answer your question, I would say to not rush into things too fast. Take your time and read the book(s) again if you ever feel the need to. It could also be interesting for you to wander into the gold threads on the forum; I personally think they bring some very good...
  3. mosam

    GOLD! The Greatest Lesson MJ DeMarco Taught Me

    That was awesome to read. Thank you for sharing this story with us.
  4. mosam

    EXECUTION From Idea to Reality: Progress Thread

    I'm hopping on the progress thread ! Looking forward to future updates
  5. mosam

    EXECUTION Trying to suceed in a business with a high entry barier at a young age!

    Awesome to hear from such a young entrepreneur. Keep pushing you'll get there !
  6. mosam

    INTRO Change starts Now!

    Welcome @TomsRo I hope that you'll find what you need in here!
  7. mosam

    Today I am grateful for...

    Thank you for posting this... I am grateful for being young and healthy. Surrounded with awesome people who encourages me to fight for my goals. Have a wonderful day
  8. mosam

    Invention help

    I don't see myself in a position where I could give you good advices with this type of situation. But maybe you could find someone on the forum or elsewhere who can review your approach at reaching out the said dental material producers :-) Cheers
  9. mosam

    Invention help

    Awesome work, keep it up!
  10. mosam


    Ended up eating that book really fast. Will certainly revisit in the future. Good piece of work, Cheers !
  11. mosam

    INTRO Fastlane forum -- Very happy to stumble upon this community

    Hello fastlaners ! I am a 23 years old french canadian pessimist looking forward to start my entrepreneurial journey. My background I've been studying IT for the past 5 years while being confronted by the fear of my future self : Having to act as a fuel for the economy by working and...

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