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  1. Empire

    HOT TOPIC Should I stop watching the news?

    I don't watch TV anymore but I do watch certain Youtubers who follow what is going on in the world. I try to avoid the "regular" media as much of that just pushes an agenda rather than simply providing the truth. Anyway, I found this TED talk and it has made me want to seek alternative things...
  2. Empire

    €40,000 Sitting In Bank...Don't Know What To Do!

    Hello Everyone, I am requesting advice, opinions, thoughts from anyone who wants to share. I have learned so much from just reading what members have to say in this forum. This place is filled with very smart people and I admit that sometimes I just cannot keep up. Right now I am really doing...
  3. Empire

    Real Estate Crowdfunding - Is It A Waste Of Time?

    Hey there, I have some money saved up and have been searching for any good ways to invest it....instead of let it sit in the bank. I see real estate crowdfunding seems to be popular with a not so difficult entry level. So someone could invest a few thousand on a property or two. I am not sure...
  4. Empire

    Where To Turn? - Spend My Savings On Life Or Buy A Home & Be Responsible?

    Hi everyone, This is probably gonna be a long post. I am hoping for any advice from people...any thoughts, opinions or whatever will be greatly appreciated. I don't talk to those close to me because they have their own crap to deal with, and truth is...I never feel right opening up to them...
  5. Empire

    PUBLISHING Self-Publishing Road To 4 Figures A Month

    Hi all, I have been lurking around this forum for a while fact I joined under another username a few years back but I wasnt very active. Anyway, I wanted to start fresh and so here is my new username and first post. I will just get started with the details about my life that I think...

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