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  1. Vitaly the Winne

    The Effect Of Ending Your Toxic Relationship Has On Your Self Esteem And Personal Growth

    Earlier this week I ended my longterm relationship with my ex. I realized how toxic it was after reading an article about a psychologist about a mental health disorder, and the whole article I realized was an exact description of how my ex treated me and other people, sadly something she will be...
  2. Vitaly the Winne

    Mind Wrestling

    We've all had those days where doing what's going to get us ahead or build our business is the last thing we want to do, because it takes effort, we're tired, or any other number of reasons. What are some things you guys do when those times happen, and when do you know it's time to take a...
  3. Vitaly the Winne

    Insert Clever Copywriting Here

    Now that I have your attention, I came across an article about a skill called inversion, thinking what would happen if your goal was to completely fail, and drawing examples on how to increase your success as a result. Having read the article it made a lot of sense, and I highly recommend it for...
  4. Vitaly the Winne

    Forex Trading

    I know this is by no means a new topic, and @MJ DeMarco even talked about it in TMF, what are your guys's experiences with curency trading as a process focused discipline, rather than event driven success? For those of you who are currently doing it, what did it take to master the skills in...
  5. Vitaly the Winne

    Getting a Job or Food Delivery Apps

    I want your guys's perspective on this. I recently realized that the mentality at most work environments is the definition of slow lane or sidewalker, with people whining, complaining, and the whole TGIF zombie mentality. I've done rideshare apps for a while, and worked jobs, and realized...
  6. Vitaly the Winne

    The Locust of Control

    Now that I have your attention (I realize it's actually spelled locus, that was on purpose), after reading TMF, for those of you guys who are in ecommerce using platforms like Shopify/Amazon/Ebay as your storefront, what actions did you take when you relized your revenue was in control of...
  7. Vitaly the Winne

    O/T: HEALTH The Effects of Parkour on the Entrepreneurial Mind

    I've been a traceur(parkour practitioner) since 2010 now, took the last year off to handle things in life, and allowed other things to get in the way. So now I'm almost two weeks back into practicing, thankfully since I kept up the intensity in the form of running and weight training over the...
  8. Vitaly the Winne

    Shopify E-Commerce

    I recently went through Adrian Morrison's E-Commerce Success Academy course, and realized the potential in creating an e-commerce business. My question for you guys is this: for those who have started an ecommerce business, what's your guys's expected overhead been like, and what is a good...
  9. Vitaly the Winne

    INTRO From Facebook to Fastlane

    I recently rediscovered the Fastlane Forum one night (admittedly I got really drunk and started mindlessly browsing the web, and read an article about what the wealthy and the broke do differently and how they think that had an article to the forum). After spending the next 20 minutes reading...

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