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  1. Tossek

    EXECUTION Ebook Scaling - second edition and audiobook

    Hi, I have a bit of a problem with finding the right path of how to deal with the second edition of an ebook. I mean in a way it is like with any product, bring it to the open field, test it, get responses, adapt, improve, repeat. I would like to go second edition with my ebook and then bring...
  2. Tossek

    RANT The European "bank speculation tax"

    Hello, Apparently most of the EU members want to introduce a "bank speculation tax". The idea was introduced in the financial crises to counter speculative moves. The planned idea is to tax 0.2% out of the traded order. So everytime you have 99.8% left. And now the plans were slightly changed...
  3. Tossek

    How to help society's mindset

    I am thinking a lot lately about what people are complaining about: one does not learn the business and economical essentials to deal with the later adulescent problems like taxes, entrepreneurship and finances. We are complaining a lot but what could we actively change? What could we offer to...
  4. Tossek

    Project ideas for 2 to 3 months sidewise

    Hi guys, I am right now working on a certification for project leading by the german chamber of commerce. Apparently, I have to work on a project as a manager to graduate and document the process. Starting tiem would be around September I guess. But I am not willing to tell my company that I am...
  5. Tossek

    A book that is too specific?

    Hi, I recently joined this forum after finishing unscripted and fastlane millionaire. The last three years have been very successful for me on paper: I got my phd, got promoted every single year and then something broke starting end of last year. I felt ... unhappy. I am a group leader at an...
  6. Tossek

    INTRO Tossek's introduction

    Hello everyone, my name is Thorsten but most people call me by my nickname Tossek. I am German and 32 years old. I have listened to unscripted and fastlane recently and felt some urgent need to join. I studied physics in Germany and Great Britain and made a PhD in Electrical Engineering. Also...

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