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  1. Stubbers

    O/T: FUNNY Just posted this on local facebook groups

    I am selling a few of these Crystal Ball Turn Signal kits. Never use your turn signals again! These are ideal for lazy drivers that find indicators hard to use! After a full day texting ,updating facebook or editing dating profiles ones fingers can hurt immensely, making using indicators near...
  2. Stubbers

    O/T: FUNNY This is the funniest guy around...

    Was watching this guy a few weeks ago then tuned in again last weekend with a mate I spewed beer everywhere and we were both crying Remi Galliard it's safe for work
  3. Stubbers

    O/T: FUNNY UK fastlane forum ... Maybe ... Probably not

    I have always loved classified ads, I made good money in a past life from classified sites. Anyway there's a satirical magazine called Private Eye been about for eons, they have classified listings at the back and one category is Eye Need ... People post their dilemma and either bank account...
  4. Stubbers

    O/T: FUNNY Cash in on lazy people - never return a shopping cart again

    One of my pet peeves is lazy people leaving shopping carts abandoned in the parking lots. 144 people have bought these the guys a genius pay $4 for 4 key fob tokens Never return a shopping cart again!
  5. Stubbers

    O/T: FUNNY Fiverr gig I will do nothing for $5 ... fastlane genius?

    I laughed on this one Any takers
  6. Stubbers

    O/T: FUNNY Why are we using kph?

    Just a small observation but this forum is I assume based in the USA where MPH is the norm and the forum originates in the UK also a user of MPH how did KPH become the measure? I know it will slow me down from 5kph to 3.10686 MPH. As I said just an observation!
  7. Stubbers

    INTRO Starting over again!

    Hi to everyone, My names Iain, originally from the UK now living 40kms west of Toronto (current ip is Orlando ...) my story begins with putting up a classified ads site back in 1999 which I then broke down into individual sites for listing property, used cars, dating. I ran them for free...

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