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  1. Dinho7

    Guiding my brother towards the fastlane?

    Fastlaners, I need your advice. My younger brother is 19 years old and I want to guide him onto the entrepreneurial journey. The main reason for this is because we are almost identical personalities with the exact same strenghts and weaknesses, and I would really have appreciated somebody...
  2. Dinho7

    MEETUPS Thrive Las Vegas (Oct 16-18) and Freedom Fastlane Live (Dec 11-13)

    Any Fastlaners going to these events? I have never attended a business conference before, and I made a commitment to attend the Fastlane Summit next year as long as I can get hold of a ticket. These events look very promising though, and I hope to go to at least one of them. Thrive Las Vegas...
  3. Dinho7

    EXECUTION Making $5K a month by August 2015

    I am starting this thread to become more accountable with the hours I put into my business and to reach my goal. My goal is a very conservative estimate of how much my business could make in revenue each month. Background: We are two students with a small baby. My husband is a serial...
  4. Dinho7

    Am I an unsupportive wife? Work-at-home parents

    Hi fastlaners! I am a mom to a 10 month old baby, a student and a business owner. I find it so hard to manage my time with all my responsibilities at home, especially putting hours and work towards my business. My husband and I basically have an online store. We have been working for 4 months...
  5. Dinho7

    Why wait until 2015? Start changing NOW!

    Most people make a huge list of goals and objectives for the new year. They might start out well, then slowly start to fall back on bad old habits. In February or March, the gyms are half empty compared to January levels. People realize they won't make it, and choose to wait another 9-10 months...
  6. Dinho7

    Free live chat service for over a year

    I know coupon clipping isn't exactly worshiped in TMF, but this deal that I stumbled over is just too good not to share with fellow aspiring entrepreneurs on here. By clicking on the "Get" button on this link, you get $200 (!) of free credit with Zopim, which is the best live chat solutions out...
  7. Dinho7

    BOOK Can Akdeniz' books?

    I StumbledUpon this blog post "recommending" tons of books of the same author. They are all relatively new, with few (but good) ratings on Amazon. The content seems interesting enough, but this disguised blog post advertisement makes me wonder if the reviews might be biased as well. Did anybody...
  8. Dinho7

    WEB/DIGITAL Best webshop solution for my specific business?

    Hello all I made a search and this has been discussed a lot before, but I feel a bit overwhelmed by all the options and I still do not know which of the solutions would be best for my upcoming e-commerce site. It will be an exclusively online store with around 500 items to start with. It will...
  9. Dinho7

    Books/articles/blogs about online clothing retail

    Hello I am working on a business idea that in short includes a fully online retail shop for clothing and accessories. I would like to learn more about the industry, especially from people who are running or have started and managed such business. Topics I would like to read more about is...
  10. Dinho7

    INTRO 25 year old business student from Europe

    Hello all. I am a European international business student currently residing in South Florida. I have been looking to join a business/entrepreneur forum for a while, but it took me some time and googling to find this brilliant forum. I am looking very much forward to discussing with like-minded...

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