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  1. josephsmith

    HOT TOPIC Let’s be real: If you're over 35, you don't have a chance.

    I'd also like to specifically reply the the NBA basketball or weightlifting analogies you bring up @Brian Suh . As others have probably said, endeavors that require physical strength or prowess obviously has an age advantage. Thus why even professional athletes retire in their 30s (even if...
  2. josephsmith

    HOT TOPIC Let’s be real: If you're over 35, you don't have a chance.

    I read the first and last page of this thread to save time. Excuse me if I missed any points inbetween those pages. @Brian Suh you're both slightly on the right track but also entirely wrong. It does get harder as one gets older due to having more external responsibilities and other things...
  3. josephsmith

    Reigniting the Entrepreneurial Spark

    Hello everyone, Just posting as a mini reminder to myself to keep stoking the flames of my recovered entrepreneurial fire. Earlier this month I made an intro post while I was reading Unscripted. Since then I've finished reading and partially re-reading it. My mindset has changed back to an...
  4. josephsmith

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I've read the Millionaire Fastlane 3 years ago, fantastic book. Definitely recommend
  5. josephsmith

    INTRO Born in the Fastlane

    Thank you for the reply MJ! "Drifting Aimlessly" is me in a nutshell. I'll get my hands on that recommended book asap. Spent my morning reading (well audiobook listening) more of Unscripted while doing my morning workout and I'm around 1/3 through. I know you've heard it plenty of times before...
  6. josephsmith

    INTRO Born in the Fastlane

    If you ever visited Vancouver or the Toronto area in Canada where I live, it's common to see Lambourghini's, Ferraris, Rolls-Royce's driven by young Chinese teens, not old enough to grow facial hair. All of them bought from their daddy's money. There was even a kidnapping case a few months back...
  7. josephsmith

    INTRO Born in the Fastlane

    Thank you for all your fantastic replies. I really never thought about it from that way; that we each have our own different journey to walk. I always felt I started at the finish line with no race to run. Instead now I see that my own race is still before me. I've been so tunnel visioned in my...
  8. josephsmith

    INTRO Born in the Fastlane

    Thanks for the reply Vitaly. That's my struggle right there, finding the will to fight when I lack environmental reasons to. I guess my "F*ck This" event has just been the years catching up on me and looking back and having achieved nothing. Frankly speaking, I don't really keep track of time...
  9. josephsmith

    INTRO Hello from BC!

    Greetings from Toronto as well!
  10. josephsmith

    INTRO Born in the Fastlane

    I actually spend one day every week volunteering with an organization that works with impoverished children. It's nice, but doesn't fill the empty void gnawing at me. In my early 20's I went traveling around the world until I was sick of it. I've barely flown anywhere since. I went through...
  11. josephsmith

    INTRO Born in the Fastlane

    Hello everyone, To preface, I read Millionaire Fastlane a few years ago and am currently reading Unscripted. Reading Unscripted reminded me that MJ had a very useful forum and there was no harm making a post to see what thoughts you all had. To give you guys a bit of a background, I'm either...

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