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  1. Envision

    How do you approach Monday’s?

    Everyone talks about what businesses they want to build and how they intend to get into the Fastlane but I think before all that you need to realign your beliefs and thoughts about how you live and your relationships with your current habits. It’s easy to get lulled into your weekly schedule...
  2. Envision

    Is anyone selling outside of US on Amazon? Canada, UK, India? Jump in this thread

    This is a targeted (selfish) question for those of you selling in external marketplaces on Amazon outside of US. I am looking to expand internationally and Id love to speak to someone that has done this successfully. With the shipping to international warehouses and complications with tax I want...
  3. Envision

    GOLD! Quit my job, living in the fastlane. (How I Set Myself Up To Quit)

    Whats up Fastlaners, This week was my first week as a full time entrepreneur and making this thread has been on my mind for quite some time. I keep thinking about how i got myself into this position because not too long ago I was literally living in a mobile home making 13/hr. Unlike most...
  4. Envision

    NOTABLE! 5 Step Guide To Hiring a Rockstar VA To Handle Your Business

    Alright, figured since Im in somewhat of a hiring phase I would document and outline how I'm going about the process. While I've hired people within the US to manage my warehouse and operations I am going to specifically go over how to find and hire a VA for your company. We start in the...
  5. Envision

    EXECUTION Envision - Real Estate Progress Thread

    I've been thinking about ways to bring value to the forum and I think creating a progress thread about my real estate business and investments could provide alot of insight to members interested in investing (especially at a young age) and also help myself stay accountable to doing what I need...
  6. Envision

    What's your MUST HAVE Shopify/ecommerce plugin or addition you cant sell without?

    Whats up Fastlaners, I dont think I've come across this thread before on the forum before. After hearing @biophase and a few other fastlaners recommend Shipstation a few days ago I implemented it and literally cant believe I went that long without it. Im starting to shift more and more into my...
  7. Envision

    HOT TOPIC Hold or Sell?? 100k profit on Duplex

    Whats up! I've spoken at the summit on house hacking where I bought a duplex when I was 20 and created the opportunity to live for free. For context to this question, my goal is to build a holdings company that invest primarily in multi-family real estate and create my ideal life from that...
  8. Envision

    The True Purpose of University Education - Jordan Peterson

    I put this in Slowlane as many people with the university education mindset go down that path despite some of the points being fastlane. I know there are alot of people that are against university education, myself included (as it is generally accepted). But I've been going deep on Jordan...
  9. Envision

    Niche Websites

    What up fastlaners, I wanted to bring up the topic of niche sites to all of you on here to see if any of you are building them or would think about building them in the event of getting into the fastlane. Other than my job, real estate, and business in my spare time I started a little niche...
  10. Envision

    Thoughts on Paid Amazon Services?

    Hey, Just checking in with you guys to see what your thoughts are on promotional amazon services such as Zonblast and AMZtracker? I am releasing my first product on Amazon around the end of this week and intend on spiking the algorithm through the connections I have alreadt established but I...
  11. Envision

    So you want a mentor?

    Hello fellow fastlaners, I have some time today and this has been a topic on my mind for quite some time now. There is no real guide or book that you can read that will provide you with the knowledge and intuition you need to find mentors and surround yourself with them. There is only...
  12. Envision

    GOLD! Its been one year of FLF for me. This forum will change your life and Ill prove it.

    I joined this forum one year ago, I got the alert today and I had to sit back and look at what I've done and what I havent done. Im prepared to completely dominate the rest of the years that were gifted to me. I joined at 19 years old. In fact, I turn 21 in 13 days. To be honest, I literally...
  13. Envision

    How did you educate yourself to understand business from the inside out?

    As I have progressively been introduced into entrepreneurship with my start up and first rental property I have begun to realize that I literally have a sliver of education in the realm of finance/accounting needed to be a successful CEO and entrepreneur/investor. I really hate not knowing what...
  14. Envision

    Best Shipping? URGENT help needed

    Whats up fastlaners. Well I finally released my brand and jumped into the process of achieving a fastlane lifestyle. Going by the ready, fire, aim principle I was not prepared for the orders that were placed on my site and that I continue to receive. I need help with shipping.. who do you...
  15. Envision

    Key Things for a meeting with a Mentor!

    Whats up everyone! I have a meeting with a mentor tomorrow morning and I am building a list of questions to ask him so that I can be on point and ask/develop the right idea of what direction I need to go in. This guy has a background in real estate, really invested in business and...
  16. Envision

    MEETUPS Boise, Idaho Meet up! Where you at

    Whats up guys! Im not even sure if there are any idahoans in this forum but I'm sure there must be a couple. Lets plan a meet up somewhere and create some connections. Pm me if you're in the area. Hope to hear from some of ya soon
  17. Envision

    Go back in time, your 19 years old. Where do you start whats your mission?

    Whats up everyone! So basically Im 19 years old, read the fast lane and quite a few other books and I want to create a fast lane business. My problem is I have no focus, I can't seem to figure out a path for myself to take. Im in school and i work full time but i want to start my own thing. So...
  18. Envision

    INTRO Hello Everyone - Ambitious 19 year old

    Whats up fastlaners, I just finished reading Mj's book and was obsessed with it. I don't think ive ever read any book in 48 hours but I couldn't put it down. I've always been personal development oriented and my goals are like many of you here. Achieve financial freedom and do whatever the hell...

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