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  1. J

    EXECUTION 2020 Goals and Update

    In the past I've sold items a lot more easily on Ebay. I don't see much of a point of etsy if they don't provide you much help with exposure and take a pay cut on top of that.
  2. J

    GOLD! I have a problem with MJ DeMarco (Follow your passion gets a beatdown)

    It's about creating a business that will free your time to pursue any passion you want. If some of your passions align to creating a valuable product or service that is in demand it is an extra benefit or motivation.
  3. J

    OFF-TOPIC Off Topic : Playing the Lottery

    I always wonder for the scratch tickets that they simply don't ever create a winning ticket so they never lose money on their lotto haha.
  4. J

    INTRO Introduction - How to make decisions?

    I thought about it deeply. Most things aren't 'needs' instead they appeal to your emotions. Everyone needs food, but why they rather pay more and buy something 'tasty'? Nobody 'needs' video games yet they buy this art like crazy. Nobody 'needs' television, they want their emotions to get...
  5. J

    Happy New Year Epic Entrepreneurs

    Fortune and Prosperity! Cheers!
  6. J

    HOT TOPIC Fastest Way to Build an App?

    Here's what I did to build an app in the past. Make a list of what it needs. Then search on stackoverflow and other places for examples of the smallest features that will be part of it like buttons, audio, graphics, etc... Each feature is then nearly copy-paste and some modifying. Also planning...
  7. J

    Just got fired - Time for a change!

    Make your own piano video course. It would scale and give you freedom of time.
  8. J

    EXECUTION 2020 Goals and Update

    My experience is I hated Etsy. I listed over a hundred custom knit baby clothes for my mom and only 1 ever sold. If I could do it again I'd try selling the same items in multiple online platforms to really increase the probability of selling.
  9. J

    INTRO Hello to all! A new beginning!

    My mother worked as a Janitor at a college so I could have a free education. Cheers to moms.
  10. J

    EXECUTION Sink or Swim: 1 Month to Sign My First Agency Client

    Have you tried creating content and marketing yourself on Youtube? Might be a faster way to get clients. Also you can try offering your services on fiverr. Also, I'm currently in Bogota, Colombia nice coincidence. Maybe I could use your help marketing later on. I'm helping my girlfriend start a...
  11. J

    WEB SCHOOL How is coding a fast lane venture?

    Why did you quit with barely any savings on a whim? Then you learned to do web on the fly at the same time to make websites for other people? You should really explain how ridiculous this is and why it is not recommended to do. Do as you say in the book, but you didn't even follow what you...
  12. J

    Move Back in with Parents and Save $$$ or Stay Independent and Gain Opportunities?

    You need to tell us your own business goals. Then figure out how the goals will better align to your living conditions. Do you need the job for it being relevant to the business you want to create? If you want to do an online business, then moving in with parents can be good so you can focus all...
  13. J

    WEB SCHOOL How is coding a fast lane venture?

    There are other great paths instead of putting countless hours into a job. You need freedom of time to develop your business. For example creating savings then moving to a country where rent is very cheap. Another is moving in with caring family or parents. Another is getting a cheap camper or...
  14. J

    WEB SCHOOL How is coding a fast lane venture?

    Thats only good if they value. My experience is contrary they didn't care how much value I provided. I was treated as a commodity or a machine that is easily replaceable.
  15. J

    WEB SCHOOL How is coding a fast lane venture?

    So an eff this event doesnt matter? I had a gun to my head I was so fed up of working a regular job and getting nowhere. Regular jobs are built to exploit the masses. Most people say they hate their job. If they were rewarded properly they wouldnt be saying shit. It would be happy ever after...
  16. J

    HOT TOPIC Jobs aren't bad.

    If you start a business in the same field your previous job was in the company can sue you. Ive seen Joshua Fluke on youtube explain how his dad lost his home because of en evil corporation suing him for anti compete. He had decades of experience and couldnt just shift his skills elsewhere....
  17. J

    WEB SCHOOL How is coding a fast lane venture?

    Meaningless culture and micromanagement pissed me off a lot in most jobs. Also them treating you like you are disposable. Same pay regardless sounds like a communist system to me. Most jobs Ive worked at had poor management. I would have learned a lot more living in my mother's basement and...
  18. J

    WEB SCHOOL How is coding a fast lane venture?

    Coding needs to be combined with another topic to become a useful product. For example coding and art becomes games. Coding and audio becomes a digital music studio. Coding and driving became Uber. Just learning to code to become someone elses wage slave is a terrible idea. You came to this...
  19. J

    GOLD! Just stick with it, don't quit. It's a hard journey - $30k in a single month... finally.

    Nick and visual FX? Have we talked on discord before? I think I know the company I wont say.
  20. J

    How to escape consumerism and have fun without spending money?

    Whenever I felt like spending I would buy gold or historical gold coins. You can always resell gold and possibly at a higher price. Its a good way to trick your addiction.

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