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    Some questions

    Hey, its me again with a new "problems" or questions that I cant answer in my head. So, I have this awesome idea in my head that I think about every day for a lot of time, pretty much my whole work day and quite some time when Im at home. In my mind, I add new features, I imagine how it would...
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    What to read?

    Hello, I would like to ask what other books would you recommend reading that would help in the business world. From marketing to selling to mindset and pretty much whatever else will bring benefit. I loved the unscripted book and I really want to read more. Thanks.
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    Got a little block in my mind

    Hello, I hope this is posted in the correct section of the forum. A few weeks ago I got an idea that I would like to bring to the local market that has a huge potential. It would be like a marketplace website for specific things. I thought that the idea is not yet implemented in my country when...
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    New here, a couple of questions

    Hey, I am very passionate about business and entrepreneurship and I have some questions first. 1. I have a few different ideas that I want to work on, will that stop me too much? I want to run a blog while working on another idea. 2. I would like to build a specific website but I lack in web...

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