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  1. Envision

    REAL ESTATE New Investor Getting Into It (A Small Tale & 2 Questions)

    What are you trying to do? What’s your goal?
  2. Envision

    EXECUTION Envision - Real Estate Progress Thread

    It’ll end up being around 700-800 units of climate controlled or outdoor covered parking units. Demo the entire shell and Infill it
  3. Envision

    EXECUTION Envision - Real Estate Progress Thread

    It's an old factory - converting it into a state of the art storage facility.
  4. Envision

    EXECUTION Envision - Real Estate Progress Thread

    Development Update: Aligning structural engineers, demo subs, roofing, and hvac to all start walking through as part of our due diligence. Here's the building - 100,000 sq ft
  5. Envision

    Advice on buying a business

    I’ve bought one company that I still currently own and run today. id look for a value add opportunity.. I look at companies weekly and noticed variables that I could improve in the company relatively quickly and I knew how to grow it. At today’s valuation we acquired essentially a 6-8x sde...
  6. Envision

    Successful Ecommerce CEO's Founders, can you give me insight on your day to day?

    Sounds like your looking to do something in the ad tracking space. Some sort of a SaaS that tracks conversion channels etc. Theres a few companies that do that but you wouldnt be targeting owners you'd be targeting agencies or marketing professionals who are doing the work. I have my...
  7. Envision

    EXECUTION Envision - Real Estate Progress Thread

    Update: DEVELOPMENT 1 We're going under contract on the $5.5 Million redevelopment. We got it at $4.5 million and will probably need to put in 2-3 million on the renovation/redevelopment. There's a 90 day due diligence period and 15 day closing period so still lots of room for this to fall...
  8. Envision

    GOLD! Its been one year of FLF for me. This forum will change your life and Ill prove it.

    That's awesome! Congrats your success and Im glad the thread was helpful. Keep going!
  9. Envision

    Need help importing from china using Alibaba wholesale "ready to ship"

    Why launch with a half though out approach? Speed for what? To prove your concept? Wouldn't private labeling it with a single conversation improve your odds of success 10x faster? Never understood the fast mindset, doesnt matter if it doesnt sell.
  10. Envision

    Need help importing from china using Alibaba wholesale "ready to ship"

    You need to make contact with the manufacturer. Dont order off of Alibaba direct Start a conversation with the supplier, move the conversation to wechat to make your order, finalize with paypal if you can for your first run only after you've confirmed everything with the supplier. You won't...
  11. Envision


  12. Envision

    After a few years SM experience

    If you're trying to use social, use it. Dont consume it. I dont use groups, scroll or do anything on facebook. I run ads on Instagram, facebook and google. For your brand you should determine your demographic and run ads for your product to them - that's really the only necessary thing...
  13. Envision

    GOLD! Quit my job, living in the fastlane. (How I Set Myself Up To Quit)

    I started with nothing. I gave them my time and energy for free it's all I had.
  14. Envision

    How will Coronavirus affect the Real Estate Market

    I think alot of people are forgetting how much cash institutional investors are sitting on. The trillions that were pumped into the economy are masking the damage that was actually done. But thats not to say that there won't be winners when this all shakes out. If you buy with good...
  15. Envision

    EXECUTION Envision - Real Estate Progress Thread

    So Im closing on the house above on Monday which im excited to be moving closer to work, friends etc. And Im working through a couple huge projects. 1. A $5.5 Million redevelopment. We'd acquire the building in an opportunity zone, redevelop it to storage, refinance it, and hold for atleast...
  16. Envision

    HOT TOPIC Minneapolis (and spreading) Riots, Civil Unrest

    Is this documented anywhere? I wouldnt doubt it but where is it being reported or followed accurately?
  17. Envision

    HOT TOPIC Minneapolis (and spreading) Riots, Civil Unrest

    It's Bullshit. Everyone is against what that cop did and against police brutality. It was murder. He was charged, and he will be sentenced. Burning down your cities, destroying local businesses, striking fear into your neighbors in the name of "righteous action" is disgusting and quite...
  18. Envision

    EXECUTION Timing & Execution During the 2020 Market Crash. 400% gains. My story.

    Can you not build the software company while you work? Being all in doesnt mean not having a job. It means being focused on the task at hand. If the software company cannot pay you, pay for itself, and grow at a known rate on the cashflows it produces you should not quit your job. You should...

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