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  1. jwhanke

    Health Insurance Options when leaving employer

    Hello all, In Q1-Q2 in 2021 I will be quitting my W2 job. I am planning for worst-case scenarios for health insurance costs. If I keep my employer's insurance, it will be around $450. Is there any cheaper options or am I better off keeping it? I have savings for high deductibles, I just want...
  2. jwhanke

    Naval - How to get Rich Podcast

    The podcast how to get rich from Naval has a lot of overlapping concepts with unscripted and the millionaire fastlane. Anyone that isn't the guru type I am always a fan of! I have a summary below to scan through if you're curious. I hope someone finds this useful and it helps them on their...
  3. jwhanke

    Type of Material Help

    All, I have been trying to find the type of material to be use in a product I'm developing. I am new to this field and having some difficulty finding the proper type of material online. The basic premise for the material is to be used in a glove. The properties are needed below and in order...
  4. jwhanke

    INTRO New To The Forum

    Hey all, Brand new to the forum (have been lurking around ever since I read the millionaire fastlane in 2016). Currently 26 working an Engineering Consultant Corporate job. I have read both unscripted (twice) and the millionaire fastlane. On assignment in Akron OH for work (while at a W2 job...

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