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  1. InformationH

    NOTABLE! [Progress] Sanctus Nutrition - Supplement Company (and first real entrepreneurial pursuit)

    A good shopify theme is important, but I'd be focusing on getting a good landing/sales page setup that you can drive cold traffic to. The page sells them on the product way better then a normal ecom page normally can and then when they click the buy button etc it takes them to your shopify...
  2. InformationH

    NOTABLE! 1,000,000 Followers On Social Media: How I Am Doing It & How You Can Too

    Thought I'd drop in and leave my 2 cents on everyone's quest to build a massive Instagram following, thoughts on Instagram account engagement, and maybe leave a little value. Personally I think taking the time to build a massive Instagram account is a waste of time and money for most people now...
  3. InformationH

    Best Strategy For Naming a Business?

    If you're having trouble maybe worth reading through this article. Addresses product and business names. If you've ever read The ultimate psychology pricing guide it's by the same author. Very indepth How to Name a Product: A Step-By-Step Walkthrough Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  4. InformationH

    EXECUTION A Story of Rapid Execution

    Never launched a paid newsletter myself but it is on my someday list. Most struggle with retention but if you do it right you can easily overcome it. Check this video out. (Doberman Dan was one of Gary Halberts mentees) View: Sent from my SM-G920V using...
  5. InformationH

    HOT TOPIC Can i copy an idea that will be on Kickstarter but not yet on the market ?

    If you will have first movers advantage go for it. If you won't, let the other company take all the arrows in the back and then improve upon what they did wrong and copy what worked The Half-Truth of First-Mover Advantage Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  6. InformationH

    Is content marketing a load of crap?

    I like what Ryan deiss and digital marketer do and implement. Run ads to amazing content. In the content have an awesome lead magnet to get emails. Right after they opt in have a great trip wire. If they don't opt in for the lead magnet retarget with FB ads. If they opt in work on them with...
  7. InformationH

    Resellers ask me for wholesale catalog and never get back :(

    x2 this. I've contacted close to 30 wholesalers in the last 2 weeks to get quotes for 5 different products. The majority of the quotes started around 50% and then decreased with quantity ordered. Here are reasons why I've favored one dealer over the others - Their product is better than...
  8. InformationH

    Try and fail is the manner of losers; try and learn is the way of the strong

    Try and fail is the manner of losers; try and learn is the way of the strong
  9. InformationH

    The Wheel of Life$$/ Give this a listen. Personally, I favor an unbalanced lifestyle and likely always will. If you can have balance in your life and achieve everything you've...
  10. InformationH

    RANT Slowlane Idiocy at its Finest!

    With this attitude,you are going nowhere. As a group of people, there is nothing wrong with sidewalkers and slowlaners. Their path is not optimal for wealth and freedom but saying the Earth is polluted with them is the wrong way to look at life. Also, saying more sophisticated entry barriers...
  11. InformationH

    EXECUTION Aliexpress Dropshipping Sucks!

    Not experienced with FB ads but I found 10-15 business days being referred to as "fast shipping" slightly humorous.
  12. InformationH

    Negotiation Tips/Resources/Books You'd Recommend?

    Are there any books, resources, or tips that have helped you in business negotiations? I will be calling some companies and trying to negotiate a deal( lower price) on some products and trying to get some products for free (cheaper products that the company makes most of their money on through...
  13. InformationH

    RANT Does Anyone Else Feel Bad for Everyone Without a Fastlane Mindset?

    I don't feel bad for slowlaners. Most are happy with what they're doing. I feel bad for the wantrepreneurs and MLM members that are trying to gain freedom but likely never will
  14. InformationH

    Start Out Personal Trainer

    Advice: Don't start a business when you don't know how to reach your customers. More advice: Search the forums. There are personal trainers that have threads that may answer your questions
  15. InformationH

    PUBLISHING fitness related book for teenagers

    What's special about your offering? How are you going to stand out from the rest of the fitness market? From what you've described I don't see any reason someone should read your fitness book over what is already on the market. At this point I would not go forward with it.
  16. InformationH

    EXECUTION Keep it simple and stupid

    I agree with you, but from what I remember the OP is from Brasil. This does change the scenario slightly. I lived in Brasil for a couple years and I had problems getting personal packages from family members through customs. There were many packages I never saw and some that I did receive were...
  17. InformationH

    Does this copy kick a$$ or suck a$$?

    How's the game doing?
  18. InformationH

    Brainstorming Business Ideas

    How hard have you tried? Have you ever scheduled hours into your day to only think of ideas?? Have you read and researched how to find needs? You wouldn't expect to learn how to do other things in business instantly. Take some actually time to focus only on idea/need generation and you will...
  19. InformationH

    Weekly business tips

    ^This And scratch the weekly newsletter and just post it here for us to read [emoji106]
  20. InformationH

    How America's Greatest Entrepreneurs Started Their Careers

    Today's your first day on the forum and your very first post includes a link to a blog you happened to come across... Did you just happen to write the post also?

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