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  1. J

    I've designed an innovative rhythm guitar course which solves a problem, but it doesn't sell as I expected

    I think you need to get your potential customers excited about rhythm guitar rather than assume that they already get it. As you mentioned, rhythm is not as sexy as lead guitar, so you may need to persuade people that it's just as important and it takes practice. Perhaps you could highlight...
  2. J

    Anti-China Sentiment

    Is there any way a nobody in the import/export business like myself can help connect companies with manufacturers outside of China?
  3. J

    BOOK Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson's New Book Hustle Harder, Hustle Smarter (and a Giveaway)

    Just read the excerpts and downloaded the audiobook. Looking forward to listening. Thanks!
  4. J

    FEATURED! Female entrepreneur? Want $5k!?

    Those who experience discrimination are totally cool with it because that totally makes sense.
  5. J

    FEATURED! Female entrepreneur? Want $5k!?

    They actually say they don't want to invest in a company because it's run by women? If so, sounds like this whole industry needs to grow the hell up. Sure, I'll fight for equality in this area. So, what do I do?
  6. J

    FEATURED! Female entrepreneur? Want $5k!?

    Ok, just so we're clear... so discrimination's cool again?
  7. J

    How Do You Know When You Are Money-Chasing?

    Do you have a way to test any of these ideas on a small scale? It's one thing to assume an idea will meet a need, even if you have good reason to think so. It's something else entirely to have empirical evidence in front of you that you personally gathered. That may help convince you that you're...
  8. J

    Could someone tell me what is wrong with me?

    Here's my advice. Come up with a small goal that you think you can achieve in a month or so. Then, make a to-do list of discrete actions needed to achieve that goal. Then, focus on one item at a time and relish in the joy of crossing each item of the list. Keep grinding away until you've...
  9. J

    Hit a roadblock in my design project. Need engineering advice.

    Perhaps you can make it large enough that the user has to stand on it. I know you're wanting to make it smaller, so that may not be feasible. If that won't work, I vote for suction cups.
  10. J

    Any books/resources on developing a dominant behaviour?

    No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover
  11. J

    OFF-TOPIC Must See Movies, Recommendations?

    Primer. A time travel indie movie. You have to pay close attention and even then, you're still not entirely sure what happened.
  12. J

    Person claims its immoral to be rich

    The image is fine. The sidewalk/slow lane/fast lane model is a good generalization of mankind's financial attitudes. Notice that under the description of the CEO, it says he worked at minimum wage jobs while struggling to build a business. That little nuance means the description of the minimum...
  13. J

    Lost! I need some Feedback on my Website/Business

    My first thought is "No fluoride. Here come the cavities." It feels risky. I need to know why this will work as well as the stuff with fluoride. As Boychamp said, I need to know why the other toothpaste, which seems to work fine, is bad and why your toothpaste is better. One other thing- some...
  14. J

    INTRO single parent raising kids and trying to understand all this

    Welcome Melli! We're all trying to figure this out as we go along. This is a great place to get help. I wish the best for you and your kids.
  15. J

    INTRO I'm korean and I read 'The millionaire Fastlane'

    Yup. Embrace it. This is all difficult. You'll be the guy doing the hard stuff while everyone else is chasing easy money and that's why you'll be rich while they wallow in mediocrity. You read the right book and came to the right place. You can learn a ton here. Welcome!
  16. J

    INTRO I'm korean and I read 'The millionaire Fastlane'

    Perhaps you could find some website, app, SaaS, etc. that's successful in America but not available in Korea. Or vice versa.
  17. J

    HOT TOPIC Books that will give you a Paradigm Shift! (You'll never be the same again)

    Relentless by Tim Grover. I've listened to the audiobook twice now. It does a great job at getting me to get past my insecurities, excuses, nonsense, etc. and just do what I need to do. The voice actor is awesome too. It's like getting a 7 hour lecture on how to be amazing.
  18. J

    Meditation hasn't worked for me so far.

    For those asking what purpose I do it for, I'm hoping to improve focus and general well-being. I don't have any terrible problems I'm trying to overcome. Just trying to up my game in life. All of those things definitely improve with good sleep and exercise, but not meditation it seems. I've...
  19. J

    Meditation hasn't worked for me so far.

    I've seen that book mentioned a lot. I'll add it to my reading list. Thanks!
  20. J

    Meditation hasn't worked for me so far.

    I've tried meditation several times and never got much out of it. Most recently, I read Andy Puddicombe's book and used his Headspace app for over a month, but I didn't notice one iota of difference in my life with anything. It just felt like a waste of time and usually wasn't very pleasant...

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