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  1. Jeix

    OFF-TOPIC The Cult of Dan Lok - Brainwashed Student Lost $26,000 Testimonial

    Hello people, I found this recent video and wanted to share it. Not much to say about it, just pissed at how far gurus will come to grab people's money. High-income skills they call them now, geez. View:
  2. Jeix

    My critique on the commandment of entry

    Hello fastlaners, today I would like to discuss something important related to the book that I was thinking about, tell me what you think. This might not be the right section for the topic but I figured it was the best. My theory: the commandment of entry is superfluous and can just be included...
  3. Jeix

    Idea I had and how I'm trying to make it work

    Hello fastlaners, random 25 year old here. This might look like a progress thread but it's not, I promise. Last October my friend had (in our view) a great app idea. I talked about it with some more friends and they all agreed. Of course the idea is worth millions (yeah I wish lol) so I can't...
  4. Jeix

    Hire people or outsource?

    Hi guys, I have an app idea I'd like to develop. It's something I'd like to keep supporting as time goes on, not a one-time thing. Should I contract a developer agency to do all the work but then having to pay for each update and/or maintenance? Or is it better to hire people so that you can...
  5. Jeix

    INTRO 24-year old from Italy on his journey

    Hello, I'm a 24-year-old guy from Italy who's always gone under the nickname Jeix. Long post up ahead. Enjoy the ride if you wish! My life so far hasn't been special at all. I graduated from university in February 2017 with a degree in translation and interpreting skills. Like every person my...

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