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  1. WillHurtDontCare

    OFF-TOPIC Society of the Spectacle

    This is just a brief post about how contemporary life is too much like a reality TV show. I'd wager that many people have noticed that much of modern life seems to have a theatrical dimension to it. To risk mentioning politics, "Trump Derangement Syndrome" where all of Trump's critics tend to...
  2. WillHurtDontCare

    O/T: HEALTH Quarantine Fitness - What's Your Routine?

    Like most of you, my exercise routine changed drastically over the last few weeks. I was doing a bodybuilding routine which consisted of mostly barbell exercises every other day. Now I'm making do with what I have in my apartment. My New Main Routine - 10K Ketllebell Swings My take on the...
  3. WillHurtDontCare

    Stoic Philosophy

    Given the uncertainty and anxiety of today, I wanted to post some authors of a school of ideas that has stood the test of time: Stoicism. Seneca: Marcus Aurelius - Meditations: Epictetus - Enchiridion...
  4. WillHurtDontCare

    OFF-TOPIC Senate Democrats propose canceling $10,000 in student debt for all borrowers amid coronavirus

    This concerns politics so I am not sure if it is off limits on this forum, but it is a big enough idea that I figured it was worth mentioning. This could just be a PR stunt where they...
  5. WillHurtDontCare

    OFF-TOPIC What will the coronavirus destroy, and what will replace it?

    Answer this question at any level you want - company, industry, culture, nation (will maps be redrawn?). Anyone who has good answers to these questions can become very powerful or influential. It looks like the coronavirus might show that people don't actually have to go to the classroom to...
  6. WillHurtDontCare

    OFF-TOPIC Positive Stories: People Stepping Up During The Coronavirus Crisis

    When shit hits the fan, there are always people who step up. I thought that this thread would be a good way to log stories of some people doing just that. Please add any similar stories that you might come across...
  7. WillHurtDontCare

    OFF-TOPIC Schopenhauer - On Thinking for Oneself I just finished this short & wonderful essay. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes to read a lot, as reading can actually make you dumber under certain circumstances. It resonated with an idea which I implied from Nassim Taleb, which is to...
  8. WillHurtDontCare

    OFF-TOPIC Never let a good crisis go to waste

    This quote exists for a reason. People are highly emotional during crises, and are therefore open to new ideas. This creates massive opportunities. I'm not advocating being a scumbag and stocking up on medical supplies to gouge people later (those same emotional people would be happy to give...
  9. WillHurtDontCare

    Have questions on data?

    This is a free for all Q&A about people who would like to use data for some purpose. It doesn't have to be business related, it could just be a pet project. My background is data visualization and data processing, manipulation, & transformation. I've worked on a few brief data projects with...
  10. WillHurtDontCare

    OFF-TOPIC do you think that people who spend too much time on TV can tell the difference between acting and real life?

    And no, I'm not asking of you think they're lying - I'm sure there is plenty of that. I think that some actors, politicians, and other TV personalities develop a type of psychosis where they can't differentiate whatever world they're pretending to be a part of on TV and the actual world. Maybe...
  11. WillHurtDontCare

    Boundless Opportunity - Data Overload

    The future will be overloaded with data. There will be huge opportunities in every commercial industry as well as in people's personal lives (quantified self etc) for anyone who can come up with innovative ways to help people use their data...
  12. WillHurtDontCare

    Time - The 100 Best Inventions of 2019 Posting this because it could give people ideas, not because it really is a "best" list. They have this list for prior years too. I thought that Firefly had a novel idea - ad space on Uber vehicles. That is an idea that I wouldn't have considered.
  13. WillHurtDontCare

    Can you recommend a book on a history of trade goods?

    There are goods that people were buying 200-2000 years ago that they would just as eagerly buy today, because human nature does not change. Can any of you recommend a good book on a history of trade goods? It could be any part of the word, any industry, any period of history.
  14. WillHurtDontCare

    HOT TOPIC what are 3 books that you have read multiple times that you plan to keep rereading in the future?

    My Three: Napoleon Hill's Outwitting the Devil The best self-help book I've ever read. I see most self-help books as useless feel-good garbage that doesn't actually lead to people changing (I consider that putting it nicely). This book touches on concepts that I've come across in deeper...
  15. WillHurtDontCare

    MEETUPS if you attended a previous fastlane summit...

    What would you recommend to first timers to get the most out of the event?
  16. WillHurtDontCare

    What topics are people here NOT talking about they you wish they were talking about?

    See title: What topics are people here NOT talking about they you wish they were talking about?
  17. WillHurtDontCare

    What opportunities have you discovered (or better yet, created) lately?

    I'm looking for a duplex in the area that I just moved to so that someone else can pay my mortgage (credit to @G_Alexander). I start going to a local real estate investment group per his recommendation, and I've quite a few people who are eager to share advice and ideas. Since I'm new to this...
  18. WillHurtDontCare

    Supreme Court hands victory to blind man who sued Domino’s over site accessibility Update your websites. And if someone is looking for a fastlane opportunity, create software that converts non-ADA-compliant websites to compliant ones quickly & seemlessly. @Fox might be worth mentioning in your web group.
  19. WillHurtDontCare

    Web & Advertising Analytics Recommendation?

    Can any of you recommend books (or courses in general) on evaluating the effectiveness of online ads? I have 2 potential projects lined up to evaluate the effectiveness of online marketing. My background is math & data programming, so I will be evaluating their effectiveness from that point of...

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