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    EXECUTION Targetting from £0 - £5000 a month by End June 2020 - Digital Marketing

    Hi all, Many of you may have seen me post around the forum with various expertise / knowledge of a wide variety of things. One thing I developed over many years of successful retail management (although for a company not owned by myself) was self development is at it's greatest when you...
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    House sale question for Experts

    Hi, I was quite lucky in that nearly 2 years ago I purchased my first property with my other half worth £98,000 at the time. With deposit and payments we now owe around £88,000 on the mortgage. Very similar houses on the same road have sold for around £140,000 so we are getting ours valued...
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    INTRO Jack of all, master of none

    Hi all, So first off I'm from the UK and in to my 30s. Having always wanted my own business , I got as close as I could by running one for someone else as a store manager in control of most things except where the money was paid in to we took(unfortunately not my account) I've been searching...

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