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  1. Gareth

    I'm going to be RICH Day Trading FOREX!???

    NOT! A recent discussion with a client of mine around trading strategy led me to this video. It's 2 hours long but in my opinion it's worth it. View:
  2. Gareth

    That Ol Guru Paradox

    Just a little vent today... I see a video in my FB feed, from a Hypnosis "Master".Telling me how to set and achieve goals. 1) He is clearly very fat, yet he advertises a weight loss program on his site 2) Tells me he can show me how to make 6 figures by seeing 40 clients a week. Which is...
  3. Gareth

    Alan Thrall - The WORST Reason To Open A Gym

    I regularly watch his Youtube channel for training tips. The WORST Reason To Open A Gym
  4. Gareth

    What did you do today?

    What action did you take today to either start or grow your Fastlane business? If you don't post in here then perhaps you should do something NOW so that you can.
  5. Gareth

    What Book to Read?

    A credit just dropped on my Audible account. What book should I listen to next?
  6. Gareth

    EXECUTION You may call me crazy

    So i thought Id start documenting my journey. Right now I have good business which earns a decent income which takes up to 25 hours a week. 4 months ago I launched a number of local businesses online using my knowledge of Local SEO techniques - The first is a Jumping Castle Business, this is...
  7. Gareth

    She said "you are so lucky"

    Until you are made aware of something, it can seem invisible. Yesterday I was in the lift. The receptionist who works the front desk was on her way home. She was complaining about work and how she couldn't wait to get home. She noted that I only work a few hours a day. I told her that even...
  8. Gareth

    Making Money is Like Losing Weight

    It never really occurred to me until a few hours ago that making money is like weight loss. I work with people every week to get their mind right to lose weight, but the parallel to making money had eluded me. People gain weight over time and at the heart of it is maths. When their calories...
  9. Gareth

    Spot the Hole In This Advice

    I just saw this article on a local news website. Its Australian based advice. I think our "Superanuation" = 401k You Don't Need 1 Million in Retirement
  10. Gareth

    Beta Testing Fastlane SAAS

    I'm not sure if this is the right place. My software is almost at the Beta testing phase. In my past life in the IT area I've done a lot of testing but I need a fresh set of eyes on it. Does anyone have recommendations on how to get solid beta testing? Regards Gareth
  11. Gareth

    INTRO New Steps for An Older Guy

    Hey all, At 49 I'm currently in a "do what you love" business. After 15 years in the IT field I made a tangential shift into becoming a hypnotist! Its something that I truly enjoy doing. For all the years I was in IT all I could think of was retirement. now the last thing i want to do is...

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