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  1. Ocelot

    HOT TOPIC Late Bloomer's touchy-feely exploration of feelings and actions

    It's 3:05 pm CDT and the thread's still up. Looks like @Argue has psychic powers after all :)
  2. Ocelot

    HOT TOPIC Late Bloomer's touchy-feely exploration of feelings and actions

    Hey Late Bloomer, Do you have any measurable goals or targets set? Such as: How much you want to make a month? How many clients you want to close per month? The price you'd like to charge per website? If you'd like to make X amount of $ by X date? I ask because it's easy to get bogged down...
  3. Ocelot

    EXECUTION 6 Months — Mom’s Basement to Thailand

    Intro This is my progress thread as I develop my process and grow my web design business. This won’t be Fastlane to start, but it will provide me with the time and extra capital to invest into developing more passive streams of income. As well as hiring people to take on the less fun, more...
  4. Ocelot

    INTRO How much money do you have to have in order to be considered a millionaire?

    $1,000,000 Gives you a lot of capital to invest and generate more money from. Nobody is saying to make $1mil then retire on it living the high life (because you can't). MJ shares his story in the first few chapters about how how made his first million and thought he was rich, but in reality he...
  5. Ocelot

    EXECUTION Finally starting something

    It sounds like you don't even really have an idea yet, let alone a plan. Shouldn't you have waited until you have something a little more concrete until you started this thread? You need to figure out: What products/services you're going to sell Who are the type of people that buy those...
  6. Ocelot

    Don't make the same mistakes I did...

    You're right. I spend time at the end of each week writing about how the week went and what I could have done better or more efficiently. Analysing and adjusting is vital. I have a slightly different view on money for your business though. I think you need just enough so that you can make the...
  7. Ocelot

    Does A Strong Accent Lower Views on Youtube

    I think it's not the accent so much as how well you can speak English. When I click on a tutorial and the guy is Indian for example, often times they will misspeak, mispronounce words and use odd phrasing. This can be very distracting and makes them hard to listen to. If you look up Gleb...
  8. Ocelot

    Starting an online candy business

    I'm vegan too and I've noticed that you can't get vegan white chocolate anywhere. I think there'd be a good gap there, for white chocolate made with real vanilla and high quality ingredients but without the milk. Could also sell those soft giant white chocolate chip cookies. If you found a...
  9. Ocelot

    GOLD! How to create monetary wealth in just 5 years. (Or less!)

    That's a crazy amount of value for a Quora post. Hopefully they are ready to actually let that advice filter in and start to provide the right mindset. Too many people bounce around from one scheme to another until they ultimately realise that this is only true way. You've probably just saved...
  10. Ocelot

    WEB SCHOOL Growing A Web Design Business From Zero

    Hey @dmichaelmccann great thread. I'm in the exact same position as you, though you're a couple of months ahead of me. I've been following @Fox new course for getting started and have been reaching out to businesses that have active Facebook pages but no website to try and get my first free...
  11. Ocelot

    INTRO 24 y.o and fed up with 9 to 5. Looking for fastlane.

    Hi Tom it's great to have you here. Don't worry too much about thinking up some great business idea. You'll put too much pressure on yourself and get discouraged. Do you have a skill which you can monetise online? I think at your stage the best thing to do would be to try and learn a valuable...
  12. Ocelot

    INTRO What does the Fox say?

    Thank you! The mastermind group sounds good. I'm from the Manchester area, so London is probably just out of budget right now, but I'm definitely interested in staying in the loop and meeting up with you guys. Be great to be in contact with some people who are on a similar path and share the...
  13. Ocelot

    INTRO What does the Fox say?

    Hi everyone, I’m 27 and live in the UK. I worked in a marketing company for the past three years, designing WordPress sites, so I have a good skill base. It’s a mindset shift I needed. The company would charge X amount of thousand dollars for the site I built and then turn around and give me my...
  14. Ocelot

    INTRO Introducing Myself

    I'm 27 too and I can relate to a lot of what you're saying. Especially the part about giving your passion to create someone else's business. You rarely get back the value you put in when you're an employee. I think people our age are really eager to create a lot of value, apply ourselves and...

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