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  1. jpa0827

    Limiting Beliefs or Realistic Beliefs? The Real Barrier

    I have been thinking for awhile about limiting beliefs when it comes to starting a business or launching products. Why is it so damn hard for many of us to decide what to do or find the right niche? @Vigilante and @biophase have put threads up on the forum clearly showing their process and how...
  2. jpa0827

    Building a Business Based on Need to have Vs. Nice to have

    I saw this article today and thought this reinforces the fastlane mentality and a great way to determine if your business idea is worth persuing. I know this was something I struggled with earlier this year when trying to find ideas, but now it is much clearer to me thanks to everyone here at...
  3. jpa0827

    Ready to build my Fastlane!

    Hi Everyone! My name is Jim and I have just completed reading The Millionaire Fastlane. This has definitely become one of my favorite books. It has answered so many questions that other books have left open to interpretation. I knew at the age of 15 that I wanted to start a business. For the...

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