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  1. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC The Dreaded Stairs

    I wonder what it would sound like if you fell and slipped down the stairs... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  2. GoldenEggs

    WEB/DIGITAL First Sale! Kinda....

    I created a short report on top websites to apply for work online and am in the process of creating the website, setting up the autoresponder, and getting ready to sell my report. I was going to ask for feedback from my moms forum that I belong to anand so I set it up on e-junkie to give away...
  3. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC You on the Internet

    I try to be careful with my personal information on the internet. I signed up for the do not call list and removed myself from catalog mailings. I do participate in social networking but I try to keep my privacy settings high. I just heard about this social media aggregator called...
  4. GoldenEggs

    WEB/DIGITAL Can an autoresponder do this?

    I have an idea percolating in my brain but wanted to know if an autoresponder, such as aweber, can do it. This is not my idea but there are websites where a child can get a personalized letter from Santa or the Toothfairy or the Easter Bunny. Can I use an autoresponder to provide a similar...
  5. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC Our newest investor!

    My baby was born February 13th at 5:22pm, after 36 hours of labor. He was a complete surprise since his due date wasn't until February 26th! Samuel Isaiah, 6lbs, 1.4 oz and 19 inches. He's already learning how to invest in apartments while sitting in dad's lap! So far he's done his first...
  6. GoldenEggs

    WEB/DIGITAL Pricing Errors

    Last Sunday, Nov. 16, Target had an incredible deal on Britax carseats. Normal retail price is $279 and two styles were on sale for $42.99 and qualified for free shipping. A lot of the mother, baby, pregnancy boards that I frequent had threads letting moms know about this deal. Some people...
  7. GoldenEggs

    REAL ESTATE Sharing our newstory!

    I've been away for awhile.... growing my baby and taking care of life. We've been rehabbing our apartment and were featured on the local news due to our efforts!! My husband had a small interview, which you can see toward the end. Things are starting to look up in a positive direction...
  8. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC Anxious New Beginnings

    So I have had some major changes in the the last year. Some were planned (leaving my job) and some were not (having so many challenges with the apartment and my father in law being in the hospital/care home for 2 months). My husband and I have been overcoming the challenges and the stress and...
  9. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC How Do You Develop a Thick Skin?

    Logically, I know that you can not please everyone all the time and that sometimes, people are just jerks. I know that I have a tendency to take things personally. The one phrase I hate is, "it's just business." The sad thing is that I hear this phrase often from people with whom I felt I had a...
  10. GoldenEggs

    WEB/DIGITAL Preventing Credit Card Fraud

    I had my first fraudulent credit card charge today. :cuss: I use and I require the card code, street address and zip code to all match otherwise the charge is declined. If the card is entered more than 3 times in one hour, the charge is denied. (The customer can view the...
  11. GoldenEggs

    REAL ESTATE Here's one idea to increase occupancy

    Apartment complex uses dancers in windows to sell units From Fox news Channel
  12. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC Turn turn turn

    I just caught the tail end of a documentary on Pete Seeger and I was reflecting on my life from high school to now. I almost feel like I have come full circle. My original life goal/plan was to be become an attorney so that I could fight for people’s rights and right injustices. Then I decided...
  13. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC Do I say something?

    I was at the gym today and it was my pull day on weights. I noticed a lady was watching me and following me around. Then I realized she was trying to do the same routine that I was doing! While she was watching/waiting, she would "use" whatever machine she was sitting on. She was...
  14. GoldenEggs

    Thoughts on Delaware Series LLC

    Is anyone using this kind of LLC and willing to share their experience? My husband and I haven't set up our LLC for real estate yet and in talking with the attorney, he brought up the Delaware Series LLC. We currently invest of out state and plan on continuing investing in 2-3 additional...
  15. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC Senior care - any suggestions?

    My father in law is finally back home, after a 2 month recuperation stay in a convalescent home for breaking his ankle. He is not 100% back to his normal activities. We're supposed to get a nurse to assist with bathing/grooming and a physical therapist to help him get back to full mobility and...
  16. GoldenEggs

    WEB/DIGITAL Shopping cart conversion help

    Our numbers are terrible. We have a high number of orphaned carts and I am trying to figure out why. I am totally new to e-commerce so I am not sure what to do. We have the traffic, despite no marketing or advertising. The only way people find us if they are looking for a certain item or...
  17. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC How to Look Good Naked

    Has anyone else watched this show? Carson, from Queer Eye, hosts the show and it features a woman who is unhappy with her appearance and he helps them to appreciate themselves. The few times that I have seen it, I ended up all teary-eyed. There was one girl who rarely brushed her teeth...
  18. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC A Story of Geese - Teamwork

    A friend of ours sent us this story about geese when we were first thinking about getting into apartments. There are several variations on the theme, some are more religious than others but the basic story is the same. Enjoy! Taken from the site A Gift of Inspiration
  19. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC Inspired and ready to go again!

    I went to my first NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show and had an incredible experience! I had been feeling depressed about the last few months, with the problems with the real estate and frustrated with the state of the internet business. I was dreading the trip a bit, because I...
  20. GoldenEggs

    How do you find the right people?

    How do you find the right partner(s) or investor(s) for your business/investments? When I married my husband, it was the first time for me to own a business and have investments. Before then, I never had a say in who I wanted to work with or who would be in my group. The idea of working...

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