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  1. PetePreneur

    Selling on Amazon- Best way to ship?

    Use some sort of a courier price comparison website, put your package details in and decide from there.
  2. PetePreneur

    HOT TOPIC Getting no support or respect from close friends

    I’ve only read the first few posts, so if more information was said that makes this make no sense, then sorry in advance haha: Basically I don’t get the impression your friends are jealous or anything of your new life or whatever because it sounds like you’re just starting out, so probably...
  3. PetePreneur

    Customs Charges From China For Importing

    Okay Walter thanks for all the advice again! I’ll go ahead and contact a bunch of them with that information and see where I go from there! Thanks!
  4. PetePreneur

    Customs Charges From China For Importing

    Tha Thanks for the advice! Would you be able to tell me what freight forwarder and customs broker you use if that’s not confidential? It doesn’t matter if they’re in USA, aslong as they know what they’re doing for UK shipping. If not, I’ll look at some sort of a freight forwarder comparison...
  5. PetePreneur

    Customs Charges From China For Importing

    Hi Walter, thanks for the advice. I haven’t actually ordered anything yet, so it’s not too late thankfully. I think it will be just a quote to get it to the port because I haven’t yet told them my address or anything. I’ve just told them the nearest port to me, which is about a 2 hour drive...
  6. PetePreneur

    Customs Charges From China For Importing

    Thanks! So after I use them once and know all the necessary codes and procedures ect, will I be able to just do it myself from there onwards relatively easily? Also, do I hire them when I’ve just ordered the samples or as they dock? How much did I cost you too for them when you imported your...
  7. PetePreneur

    Customs Charges From China For Importing

    It’s quite large at about 7 feet (215cm) X 5 feet (165cm) X 1 foot (35cm), so I’ve asked for it to be shipped via sea. I don’t think DHL or any courier are involved if it’s sea right? So would the customs just be a matter of them sending me a bill and me paying them to get it cleared at customs...
  8. PetePreneur

    Customs Charges From China For Importing

    Hey, So I’m about to order some samples from my suppliers and since I’m only ordering from 2 of them, I’m just going to pay the shipping that they’ve said instead of going down the freight forwarder route. They’ve just asked me if it’s okay if I do customs clearance though, which I don’t know...
  9. PetePreneur

    Who Here Used To Or Currently Files Their Own Tax Returns And Is It Difficult?

    Hi, So I'm about to launch an expensive product brand in the next few months that I'll only be making maybe 1 sale a day for at best in if it goes well and I'm thinking whether it's worth just filing my own tax returns to save money? My previous business was a high volume low profit per item...
  10. PetePreneur

    HOT TOPIC What sort of an internet business would you do if you had $50,000 to start with?

    Go into a business model that needs a lot of capital to get started because that acts as a barrier to entry for most people who don’t have access to that kind of money. Maybe buying houses to improve and sell them on for a higher price?
  11. PetePreneur

    How do you know if you are doing the right things or just stubborn?

    They key question you have to ask yourself is "Is the product/service I'm providing benefitting my clients and is it better than other solutions/competitors out there?". If the answer to that question is yes, then you can rest assured that you're probably on the right path and it will all...
  12. PetePreneur

    The Bar of the Damned

    Why "Bar of the Damned"? I thought that meant being in pain/being punished or something? Not going there for peace?
  13. PetePreneur

    HOT TOPIC Let’s be real: If you're over 35, you don't have a chance.

    I think there is a definite correlation between age and how likely you are to make it, but I wouldn't say 35 is completely past it though. I think the peak years where you're most likely to do well is between 23 and 33. The thing that younger people have over older people is that they don't...
  14. PetePreneur

    You Need to Have A Bigger "Why" (What's Yours?)

    I agree that you need to ultimately have a legitimate "Why" as to why you're doing what you're doing, but I don't feel it always has to be the cliche "I want to change the world" or "I want to help everyone". My "Why" is to become the best entrepreneur that I can possibly become and hopefully...
  15. PetePreneur

    Estimated Cost Of Importing Large And Heavy Items From China

    Thanks for the replies everyone! I'm pretty new to all this, so any advice is massively helpful! I mean, I literally didn't even know you could even get split containers- That's who you're dealing with unfortunately haha. It sounds like the product won't be too expensive to ship in though-...
  16. PetePreneur

    Estimated Cost Of Importing Large And Heavy Items From China

    Or is there a way of putting my samples from al my suppliers in one container or something? Thanks, Pete
  17. PetePreneur

    Estimated Cost Of Importing Large And Heavy Items From China

    Thanks! Any idea on the cost of importing just one whilst I'm testing suppliers? Obviously I expect it to cost way more than if I did it in bulk, but I'm just trying to get rough estimates? Thanks again!
  18. PetePreneur

    Estimated Cost Of Importing Large And Heavy Items From China

    So for those of you who have experience importing from China, I'm currently looking at importing a product to USA that's about 100 inches x 50 inches x 15 inches and 140lbs when boxed. Any idea how much this would cost to ship to the USA? I'm just looking for estimates really because I've got...
  19. PetePreneur

    RANT Domain scabs

    I've been on both the buyer's and the seller's side of this and I get what you mean. From the seller's perspective it's great because I've sold multiple domains for $1,000+ from pretty much blind luck. Once you've got a buyer that's keen, you're in a great negotiating position to ask for the...

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