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  1. PetePreneur

    Customs Charges From China For Importing

    Hey, So I’m about to order some samples from my suppliers and since I’m only ordering from 2 of them, I’m just going to pay the shipping that they’ve said instead of going down the freight forwarder route. They’ve just asked me if it’s okay if I do customs clearance though, which I don’t know...
  2. PetePreneur

    Who Here Used To Or Currently Files Their Own Tax Returns And Is It Difficult?

    Hi, So I'm about to launch an expensive product brand in the next few months that I'll only be making maybe 1 sale a day for at best in if it goes well and I'm thinking whether it's worth just filing my own tax returns to save money? My previous business was a high volume low profit per item...
  3. PetePreneur

    Estimated Cost Of Importing Large And Heavy Items From China

    So for those of you who have experience importing from China, I'm currently looking at importing a product to USA that's about 100 inches x 50 inches x 15 inches and 140lbs when boxed. Any idea how much this would cost to ship to the USA? I'm just looking for estimates really because I've got...
  4. PetePreneur

    Forum Feature Suggestion: Save Thread To Favourites

    So I know we can currently "Watch" threads, but I find on other forums that it's useful to also save threads that are particularly useful to a "Favourites" section where I can come back to them later. I'd use this especially for the guide/strategy type of threads like how to grow on Instagram...
  5. PetePreneur

    Giving Away My Alexa Flash Briefings Course For Free!

    Hey guys, so I hope this is okay to post... Basically we all know how much Gary Vee and other marketers talk about the importance of voice as an emerging platform and one of the new major opportunities for entrepreneurs being Alexa Flash Briefings. That's why I've created a Udemy course on how...
  6. PetePreneur

    Is It A Myth That All The Big Companies Aren’t Investing Into Social Media Advertising?

    So I keep hearing from the likes of Gary Vee, Tai Lopez and all these other entrepreneurs that all the large companies aren’t investing very heavily in social media advertising. Why would this be and is it even true? For example, Facebook Ads have been around for about 11 years now, so they’re...
  7. PetePreneur

    HOT TOPIC What Are The Best Altcoins To Look Out For In Cryptocurrencies?

    So with this boom of cryptocurrencies, I've become interested in trying to spot newer coins that have some sort of a competitive advantage/differentiation to the bigger players such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. I felt having a thread where we can point these out to each other might be quite useful...
  8. PetePreneur

    RANT Do Any Of You Guys Think Apple Are Starting To Show Signs Of Falling?

    Right, so basically I think I'm starting to see signs of Apple beginning to decline. I actually made a vlog post about all this, which I've linked below, but if you don't have the time to watch that, I'll summarise what I say in it: They're focussing on short term profits/greed without thinking...
  9. PetePreneur

    Is there a way of editing the title on progress threads?

    Hi, I'm just checking if there's a way of changing the title of my progress vlog? I've realised mine doesn't really describe what I'm doing very well! Or should I just carry it on in a new thread? Thanks!
  10. PetePreneur

    EXECUTION (Entrepreneur Vlog) My Amazon FBA Journey + Beyond!

    Hey, so I've been trying to document my process via a vlog. I'm currently selling on Amazon, but wanting to expand into more in the future. Here's the story so far: Episode 1- View: Episode 2- View:
  11. PetePreneur

    What Are Your Thoughts On The Myers Briggs (MBTI) Personality Test?

    I was just wondering: What your thoughts are on it? Which one are you? Whether it could be a potential tool to be used for hiring a certain type of person during job interviews? Whether you think certain types lead to more entrepreneurial tendencies? I got ENTP and it describes my natural...
  12. PetePreneur

    Best Entrepreneur Movies

    Hey, I'm looking for a movie to watch based on entrepreneurship/business. Anybody got any ideas? Cheers, Pete
  13. PetePreneur

    Is There a Way We Can Change Our Username On The Forum?

    Kind of explains it really! Haha. I signed up about 6 months ago and didn't really post anything for a while and now I want to start contributing and change my name to the same one as my vlog. Can I do this or will I have to delete this account and sign up again with a new username? Thanks!
  14. PetePreneur

    BOOK What are your top 3 entrepreneurship books?

    Mine would be: Zero to One - Peter Thiel Purple Cow - Seth Godin Thank You Economy - Gary Vaynerchuk ADD YOURS TOO!!!
  15. PetePreneur

    INTRO 27 Y/O Aspiring Amazon Millionaire Entrepreneur

    Hey, So I started selling on Amazon about 2 years ago with varied results. Most of what I do is buying in from wholesale from suppliers here in the UK and from the EU. It's grown from an initial £2,000 to about £300 in sales a day so far. I'm actually documenting the process on my YouTube...

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