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    My side project is trashing my reputation

    I made a little dating app for a super conservative religious group. As you might imagine, it did not end well. It's received bad reviews and the top review with 21 upvotes falsely accuses the app of stealing people's data. I also have good reviews which are also more recent but the negative...
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    Advice on carving out my own space in a small but growing niche?

    I have discovered a niche variation of a common (physical) product. Due to the nature of the product, I think it would be valuable to create a forum for users of the product in my home country (Canada). In addition, I think this niche product can and will expand to a new demographic of people...
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    A video game to prepare for coding interviews

    I had this idea to build a video game (as a solo developer) that would have in game coding challenges. Initially it seemed like a good idea but after the initial excitement wore off, I started to see some serious flaws. I'm mainly writing this to get my thoughts out and would appreciate any...
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    Is it worth giving up a car to live closer to work?

    I'm mainly interested in doing this to get the additional time to work on my project. If I live less than 5 mins away (on a bike), I could get about 1 hour of work done from home during lunch. If I were driving and I give myself half hour to get to work, I would be saving about 50 mins from the...
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    Big corp vs Startup if your end goal is to work for yourself?

    Currently pursing a Comp Sci degree. I've heard that the cons for working for a big corp are limited opportunities for growth and slower pace of work. Would it be correct to think that this type of environment would be better if one wishes to use their spare time to run a side business of their own?
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    HOT TOPIC What Will Boom? - 2018-2023

    If you know some stock is about to experience huge growth soon, would you post that knowledge on a forum full of stock traders? Few people saw the internet coming, the app revolution or the housing crisis. Even those who did see the big changes coming weren't sure about them. I personally...
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    OFF-TOPIC Are We Living in a Simulation?

    It should be possible today to build a fairly elaborate ancestor simulator. It could cover the entire world and have the most cutting edge graphics, VR support, advanced weather, day/night circles, amazing AI, physics, etc. Yet no one has done that...why not? If we wanted to learn about the...
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    HOT TOPIC Have Smartphones Destroyed Humanity?

    Switched to a flip phone yesterday as a personal experiment. Not sure yet if this is going to be a good idea but I think that being disconnected from the hive mind is worth some minor inconveniences.
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    OFF-TOPIC Alien Visit

    My guess is that most intelligent aliens capable of space travel discovered computers and within a few hundred years had replicated their intelligence in software. Maybe then the machines took over, or maybe the machines allowed them to create a weapon which was too powerful for them to handle...
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    The Best Image you will See today

    Every time I have to shop on the website of a retail store, even if it's Wal-Mart, I'm prepared for frustration and disappointment. Most retail stores still don't take their online presence seriously.
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    HOT TOPIC Hard to Make Decision To Dropout..

    I've worked in sales, saw some of the best salespeople and then went back to school for CS, saw some of the best math students. At first I'd always think, "what's their secret?" Overtime I'd learn that there was no secret, those people who rose to the top of their game were more dedicated and...
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    I'll second this. Simple but powerful memorization technique.
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    HOT TOPIC What do you think the impact of self driving cars will be?

    View: This is not like an airline autopilot. Computers are now powerful enough that we can apply more advanced algorithms (ie neural networks) which let them reason in much the same way as you and I can reason after seeing enough training examples...
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    HOT TOPIC What do you think the impact of self driving cars will be?

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    HOT TOPIC What do you think the impact of self driving cars will be?

    Will the technology become commoditized as more companies enter this area? Autonomous transportation means that the cost of driving from point A to B will be dramatically decreased either in terms of time (let the vehicle drive while you do something else) or money (no longer need to pay for a...
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    GOLD! How I lean startup’d my way to $240k+ on the saturated App Store

    Just adding in my two cents, 3D games on a phone have some serious inconveniences for both developers and users (slower development time, take up more space, use more battery, etc.). Even non-mobile VR has yet to really prove itself as being worth while once the novelty wears off. We had a guy...
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    Im in university and I am scared

    I don't blame you for falling into this trap, almost every university CS student does and it's sad. University will give you a certificate that indicates a base level of competence. Everything else is on you. Take responsibility for your education. - find out what you're interested in and want...
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    Why is Tai Lopez and Gary Vaynerchuk Getting More Engagement Than GoPro?

    there are probably more wannabee entrepreneurs than go pro enthusiast, also I think the former just attracts a different type of crowd than the latter so it seems like an apples and orange comparison to me
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    The End of Moore's law - what might the business implications be?

    The progress we've seen in computers over the last 50 years can be roughly described by Moore's law. Essentially we've been making increasingly smaller transistors so that we can put more of them on a single chip. That technique is now approaching its fundamental limits. My personal conclusion...
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    OFF-TOPIC Uber Knows...

    The folds are what allow a larger neocortex to fit into the same sized brain. The ones which appear smooth are already stretched out. A larger neocortex generally means more neurons (ie long-finned pilot whales have more neurons than humans) although it's not the whole picture. How they're wired...

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