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  1. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC The Dreaded Stairs

    I wonder what it would sound like if you fell and slipped down the stairs... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
  2. GoldenEggs

    Suggested order for org startup + Trademarking?

    Not sure if you have already spoken to an attorney about your best course of action. I can't answer all your questions but for number one, you would definately need to trademark the name AND the logo. While you can certainly apply for the trademark yourself, if you do not know what you are...
  3. GoldenEggs

    WEB/DIGITAL First Sale! Kinda....

    I created a short report on top websites to apply for work online and am in the process of creating the website, setting up the autoresponder, and getting ready to sell my report. I was going to ask for feedback from my moms forum that I belong to anand so I set it up on e-junkie to give away...
  4. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC Lamborghini Sixth Element Concept becomes official

    I had my bachelorette party there!! LOVE IT! The Divas are super hot and really nice. It's fun and safe (don't have to worry about guys hitting on you).
  5. GoldenEggs

    Saving time by NOT multitasking

    I multi-task household chores. When I am making meals, while the oven is heating or the pan is preheating, I prep the food. Then while my food bakes, simmers or cooks, I clean up and wash the prep dishes and utensils. I just started walking to the grocery store with my son in his...
  6. GoldenEggs

    HOT TOPIC Action Takers - What Are You Up To?

    I purchased Headway for Wordpress and am learning how to use it. I finally decided to write my ebooks/guides on parenting and ways to make money. The ebooks are 90% done, I've started the free report for them and then I need to write the sales page. I have the corresponding websites for them...
  7. GoldenEggs

    Disgusting example of regulation's effect on business

    In Singapore, the food stalls all had ratings on them, A to D, I believe. Tourists were recommended to only patronize the A or B+ stalls.
  8. GoldenEggs

    A Small-Business Guide to Intellectual Property

    I used to work as an IP/trademark paralegal. In the US it is first to file the patent. In Europe, it is first publication or presentation. However the attorney I worked for always recommended to his US clients to file a provisional application the day before the presentation or publication.
  9. GoldenEggs

    WEB/DIGITAL Convincing a business to use my concept

    What if you focus on the smaller or independant theaters? They could use your idea as part of their marketing angle, something that sets them apart from the big chains.
  10. GoldenEggs

    HOT TOPIC My Rant: Tiger Wood's wife getting $750M from divorce..

    In my line of work, I see a lot of disputes, many over business contracts and marriages. And the amounts of money involved are sometimes ridiculously low and ridiculously high. The money itself is irrelevant. It's the emotion behind the demand, the anger, the hurt and betrayal. It's the...
  11. GoldenEggs

    WEB/DIGITAL Camtasia or other?

    I have not tried them but I think Camstudio and Screen Toaster are free version that should do the same thing as Camtasia. I don't think you can upload to YouTube from Screen Toaster just yet.
  12. GoldenEggs

    HOT TOPIC It feels good to give

    I have to find the link but if anyone is interested in supporting our troops overseas, there is a website where the soldiers post requests that range from writing supplies (paper, pens) to DVDs. Sometimes they need basic supplies as their PX had burned down. I will update this post once I find...
  13. GoldenEggs

    Dog treat business

    What about doing it as a dog treat of the month kind of thing? I would be more likely to purchase the treats this way. Or if you offered a "fresh made" dog food delivery business, if I had money to do that, I would be interested in it.
  14. GoldenEggs

    HOT TOPIC It feels good to give

    When my father in law was still alive, I used to have trouble helping him up out of his seat or the truck. I was always so grateful when someone would come by and help assist him up or out the truck and it was often people I never saw again. My neighbor always happens to come over to take my...
  15. GoldenEggs

    Like Free Money? Evidently High Schoolers Don’t.

    My first thought was wow, we have declined in interest in science if there are not enough applicants.
  16. GoldenEggs

    E-Myth Revisited... Revisited, and 4-Hour working week

    A friend of mine had a program similar to the one that Russ laid out. He required the people that wanted to be in the Instructor program to not only be proficient in the martial art but in computer skills as well. I know he had very few students who were in the program as it was very intense...
  17. GoldenEggs

    HOT TOPIC Proudly Made in the USA.

    It depends on the item. I would not automatically buy something just because it was made in the USA. I would spend more for custom/made to order items made in the USA.
  18. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC You on the Internet

    I know all of this is public information but I prefer to control the information that is readily available about me. I have to say, from a stalking perspective, it has a lot of information. I can see what music you like, what you last ordered on amazon, any blogs you have posted to, and...
  19. GoldenEggs

    OFF-TOPIC You on the Internet

    I try to be careful with my personal information on the internet. I signed up for the do not call list and removed myself from catalog mailings. I do participate in social networking but I try to keep my privacy settings high. I just heard about this social media aggregator called...
  20. GoldenEggs

    HOT TOPIC Owning vs Renting (not real estate)

    You can rent women's designer handbags and now you can rent jewelry. I've never tried the service so I am not sure how it really works. But you pay a monthly fee (and the fees are tiered depending on which designers you are interested in) and you are mailed a bag to use and when you are done...

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