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  1. PowerJen

    How to Find Lists of Forums or Publisher Marketing

    Hi all, I was doing a test with Facebook ads, but even the test is killing me for $ per click through. I am concerned my $200 is going to go nowhere (the return being $39 per month or $10 trial). As I have a Membership site in the author guidance niche, where would I find a list of forums for...
  2. PowerJen

    Need some direction to my problem

    Thinking outside those options, I Googled Off-the-Shelf marketplace software. There is nothing ready made, but this Ukranian developer site has all the options. They say 690 hours to build a typical custom multi-vendor marketplace! Best off-the-shelf solutions for various marketplaces -...
  3. PowerJen

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2020?

    I am interested in your model Sebastya, as I used to use DIY SEO (now Upcity). I used the tool to help my own website. My 2020 goal: First 2 months in research and positioning/ Start a new marketing business / Get first 10 clients by July 2020.
  4. PowerJen

    At Twelve Cents a Day, I'll Be Rich in 2097!

    I've got some ideas for investing 'outside the box' in a new book I'm about to launch. If you'd like a pre-print copy for review, I'd love to hear your thoughts. It is only 25,000 words and is full of handy tips, apps, and ideas to keep your moolah safe. Use 'contact page' at Book publishing...
  5. PowerJen

    Biggest issue you face with starting/running your own business ?

    When you are fixated on your goals and take time each morning to write out the three things you want to accomplish, I think that will clear the problem up. Also, you can make time for socialising for ten minutes every day and there is an app which you can make sure (it kicks you off) - called...
  6. PowerJen

    I feel lost

    I am studying my third course. First one, a BA in Communications at 29. Paid by self. Second one, a marketing certificate. Now, I'm doing an Applied Business diploma online through Ducere. I am usually the one who comments the most. If you find your interest area, then you will no doubt learn...
  7. PowerJen

    I'm launching Business Author Academy's self-publisher club: Book Creation Success Club. You get...

    I'm launching Business Author Academy's self-publisher club: Book Creation Success Club. You get so much insider information and the chance to ask book publishing questions.
  8. PowerJen

    INTRO More than 5 years without success :-(

    I'm not great at maths like inputchip, but I can offer some advice. To get free advertising and prevent the problem of ads that cost more than real return, use your current website and advertise your App on that (square banners as well as wordy posts or videos showing it). A niche content...
  9. PowerJen

    PROPERTY Management Marketing Strategy?

    Hi GSD. Not in the property industry, but have had some past clients in real estate investment (commercial) and a propensity for marketing (copywriting experience). The USP stated is not quite there yet. I feel it is not coming at this from the buyer perspective. Spouting the fact of...
  10. PowerJen

    How to build a successful online business, without relying on any third party (Ecommerce)

    Just wanting to know who some examples are of these traffic providers? Are they legitimate searchers or just anybody drifting by? Or worse, bots? I am looking for adverts at Self-Publishing sites for my Business Author Academy. Thanks, Jennifer
  11. PowerJen

    HOT TOPIC I CAN't get feedback from my audience

    I dont think it's JUST about the sign up process. You haven't given them enough compelling reasons to go ahead. (e.g. dont tell them its a test). Also, have you done a substitute and competitor search? In Australia, we have this one, which takes many others out of the water... many good...
  12. PowerJen

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Just read the chapters provided. Great writing!
  13. PowerJen

    INTRO Teaching others about marketing

    Hi all, I am a middle-aged Australian mum, so probably in the small minority already on here! I love entrepreneurial books, especially ones that are well-researched (about to look for the Fastlane book). I have written four books and edited many others' books. I am a quiet-ish introvert, and...

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