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  1. Fastlane Liam

    OFF-TOPIC Whats the point of life?

    Not a business question, so posting in Off topic. But I know this forum is filled with insightful people. Money is modern day survival. The passageway from childhood to adulthood is being able to survive on your own. Earning money becomes your purpose when you don't have enough to sustain...
  2. Fastlane Liam

    INTRO If you have no idea, should you just move up in the slowlane?

    Hey everyone, my names Liam. Im 22 and from the UK. I work in Helpdesk 1st Line and have done for 5 painful years. Never went to university, never finished school to be honest. So I don't have any qualifications to my name I can't stand working where I do now, the work is mundane, the people...
  3. Fastlane Liam

    Supply and Demand

    How do you find Low or Poor supply and High Demand?

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