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  1. Twiizlar

    EXECUTION After almost 7 years on here, I have finally have a revenue-generating business

    As you can see by my join date, I am approaching my 7 years on this forum. I joined this forum when I was 15 and a lot has happened since then. I joined in high school and have graduated college. Now, I have my own business. I can't even begin to count the number of businesses I've "started"...
  2. Twiizlar

    EXECUTION Content marketing journey

    Damn, I've been a member for 4.5 years with nothing to show. But that is ok! I've learned a lot through my failures and will be going at this next venture strong. So, in all of my business I have started there was one thing I enjoyed more than anything else, and that was growing my social media...
  3. Twiizlar

    Need to move From my environment

    I need to move out. Severely toxic environment I'm in and it's the breaking pointing for me now. Looking to move to Thailand or another country like it. Have $700 in my bank account and can Probobly scramble some more for a ticket. I am going to work on odesk while pursuing the fastlane. I'm...
  4. Twiizlar

    Buying inventory for eCommerce

    I am starting an ecommerce website. I am planning on having over 50+ products to start and plan to keep adding products. I have a couple questions. 1. I do not want to get stuck with inventory since I am boot strapping. Is there anyway to test which products will sell without actually...
  5. Twiizlar

    EXECUTION University Bundles

    I have just started working on my next idea. The website is . After months of inaction I have finally decided to start to take action a couple hours ago and it feels so good! Hopefully i can keep this pace up! The website is basically a place where someone can go to...
  6. Twiizlar

    I am too comfortable

    Its been a couple years since i have joined this forum. I have accomplished nothing. I half-assed a couple businesses and kept putting things off. I said to myself "once i get to college i will have more freedom with my time and can start a business". Well im in my second semester and i have...
  7. Twiizlar

    EXECUTION International Candy E-commerce Website

    Hello all! I have a new project that im working on. I am basically creating a ecommerce website that sells candy all over the world. The website will sell candy from all over the world. The website will show the best sellers in each country so if someone wants to try one from another country...
  8. Twiizlar

    OFF-TOPIC If you left your home country, what would be the top 3 things you would miss?

    If you left the country you have lived in your entire life, what would be the items you would miss? This is for a business. All answers are welcome. It would be nice if you could also say what the country is. Thanks!
  9. Twiizlar

    Iphone Repair Business

    So i just started my first year in college and noticed everyone has smartphones and 80% of the people have iphones. I looked on craigslist for an iphone repair business around here and found none. My school has 20,000 people. I was thinking about just posting flyers around campus and such. I...
  10. Twiizlar

    EXECUTION 18 y/o starting a local cleaning company.

    I am currently starting a cleaning company. My company will be a premium service with a 200% guarantee. It is online booking only with flat rate pricing. I am currently putting the finishing tweeks on my website " ". In the next couple of days I will be hiring maids as sub...
  11. Twiizlar

    How to create a monthly subscription website?

    I have an idea for a monthly subscription service. I just need to know how to create one. Is there any theme/plugins that can get the job done or is there a freelancer anyone recommends?
  12. Twiizlar

    Selling American items in foreign markets

    Has anyone ever done this? I plan on selling American grown food in an eccomerce store available to china. Any tips/comments/suggestions?
  13. Twiizlar

    Has anyone ever started some kind of crash course

    I have an idea to start something. Now I don't know what kind of system will be best for it. I want to create some kind of course where I teach students how to get into their "dream" college. After going through the college process myself i can tell you that there are many ins and outs to it...
  14. Twiizlar

    Has anyone ever started a web design business?

    I am planning on starting my own web design business. While i cant design i am going to partner up or hire someone that can. I know there are hundreds of other web design companies but i will be using a different/unique approach. I have also thought of marketing ideas i can use that web design...
  15. Twiizlar

    There has to be a way we can get into the marijuana market

    The canabis market is the fastest growing and popular market. With more and more states legalizing pot the bigger it is getting. This is an emerging market and brand new market. There has to be some ways we can take advantage of this? I thought of creating an eCommerce store with glass pipes and...
  16. Twiizlar

    Does anyone have a service with this business model.

    I found a niche where there is a lot of buying and selling going on. I want to offer a service where I would buy the items people are trying to sell but I would offer cold hard cash on the spot. It may not be as much as selling it yourself but it is for people who want to sell quick and not go...
  17. Twiizlar

    Importing from china HELP

    I want to start an e commerce store and have a couple questions. Has anyone ever drop shipped from china? All of the drop shippers I have contacted said it takes 3-4 weeks to ship. This seems too long. I want to drop ship clothing. The problem is that their are two sets of sizes. China sizes...
  18. Twiizlar

    Words of Wisdom From Self-Made Billionaires

    If that video doesn't motivate you, i don't know what does!
  19. Twiizlar

    Is having the word "cheap" in my domain name a no no?

    I plan to sell cheap items on my eccomerce store. The normal price range for the items are 30-50 but i am selling them for 15-25. This stuff is cheap from china (aliexpress) but its still cheap. I just dont want people to be turned off by "cheap" because the products are already from china and...
  20. Twiizlar

    A couple questions about ecommerce

    Just for example say i was selling lolipops 1. Is it possible to drop ship ecommerce? Would i contact different "lolipop" manufacturers and ask them to drop ship? There are many different types of lolipops so that would be a lot of manufacturers. 2. If i was able to dropship lolipops, how...

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