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  1. ddall

    Canadians Doing Business In The US

    To my fellow Canucks and anyone who can answer these questions, please do so and share your insight. I operate an Ecom biz with sales to US based customers only. IT is getting enough sales where I need to start considering the legal aspects of this. 1) When should a Canadian incorporate in...
  2. ddall

    Your Life in Weeks: Visualized. Time is our most precious currency.

    This is a stark reminder, delivered via startling visual rendition, on how impermanent and brief our effective weeks/years (and life for that matter) are. Got dreams? Get crackin. Put in perspective, doesnt look like much does it? From the highly interesting website:
  3. ddall

    GOLD! The Chronicles Of DDall - A Progress/Execution Thread (Damn $3Mg/$700Knet!)

    Ok, I figured it is time I start a thread and chronicle my journey, sharing the insights I learn along the way and throwing them back out into the forum nexus where many a golden nugget I have taken and dissected. This thread will include primarily three main things: Process -updates on...

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