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  1. minivanman

    OFF-TOPIC How times have changed since Corona has been around....

    Since my wife has been off work she has been cooking big meals atleast 5 days a week. So I was out today and received a text from my grandson. He has had his own vehicle for a couple of months but woke up and had a flat this morning. He asked if I would get him McDonald's. I had forgot he had a...
  2. minivanman

    Youtube Question

    For anyone that makes video's, I have a question. The first ad that comes up on the video for 5 seconds....... do you get paid if I only watch 5 seconds and then skip? Do you get paid more if I watch 10 seconds and then skip? Do you get paid more if I watch the whole thing? I like to help some...
  3. minivanman

    For You T-Shirt Makers

    I Survived The Great Toilet Paper Shortage Of 2020! I Survived The Great Hand Sanitizer Shortage Of 2020! I Survived The Corona Freak Out Of 2020! If Corona19 Doesn't Kill Me, The Whiskey Will. If Corona19 Doesn't Kill Me, The Women Will. My friends went to China and all they brought me...
  4. minivanman

    Once again, the workforce did not let me down

    Some might know and others might not but, I've stayed away from hiring anyone because I did my share of being a boss... but... I'm getting lazy-er in my old age and decided to hire someone to paint washers and dryers for me. I use a roller and special paint.... it's easy, nothing to it really...
  5. minivanman

    Have you searched Google lately?

    I'm not sure if it's the same on a phone or tablet but Google search has changed on my Mac. It looks totally different and for example if you search for The Fastlane Entrepreneur Forum.... it comes up with the on top of the name of the forum and just looks totally...
  6. minivanman

    OFF-TOPIC I liked this

    I saw this earlier and thought it to be very true about me: If you see me talking to myself just move along, I'm self-employed, we're having a staff meeting. Good for a shirt if someone hasn't already done it. :rofl:
  7. minivanman

    We got our own line of sunglasses!

    I saw this whole line of fastlaners as I was browsing sunglasses. lol
  8. minivanman


    So I came upon a post about Blue Bell Ice Cream and decided to click the link.... I'm not even sure why because I NEVER click links. Anyway, what did the link lead me to? Page Not Found. And people wonder why their ads don't work....... :inpain...
  9. minivanman

    I need your help (what to do when tipped?)

    It's very rare that I ask for help but today, I need your help. So, I sell used washers and dryers. I have someone that acquires them, repairs them, cleans them and sells them. Basically all I do nowadays is deliver them (this is the part I like to do and it keeps me busy). Anyway, I keep having...
  10. minivanman

    OFF-TOPIC It's a sad day :(

    Well, a little over 3 years ago I bought my work van for $1300..... I had to call hospice for her today. I sure loved that ol' van but, it's time to move on (rack & pinion went out). Not bad, just over $400 a year and all I did was change the oil, tires, brakes & battery (all normal...
  11. minivanman

    Have we finally decided to retire?

    Sunday night (actually Monday morning) about 2am we were laying in bed talking and had decided to finally do it..... let's move to the Navarre, Florida area and retire. We need something right on the beach, not even 1 block away if we are going to do this! She could be on the beach all the time...
  12. minivanman

    Sit down and do not be drinking anything

    So there was a discussion going on about pay. It was about machines taking over/self check out/ etc.... People were on there whining and bitching..... I can't survive on $8, they need to pay $15 an hour minimum.... blah/blah/blah.... So I said...I couldn't go to work for $8 or $15 an hour, what...
  13. minivanman

    If You Have Google Voice You Should Read

    For all of my businesses that I'm involved with, I have them a Google Voice number. Luckily, today I went to my Google Voice account settings because it has changed. While I was there I noticed that the phone numbers you have for Google to ring have a box that reads: Reverify. So I'm guessing...
  14. minivanman

    Went in for one thing, came out with another

    A few days ago I met a guy, we exchanged cards so I text him later that evening. He owns several businesses and was needing a little help with one of them. Come to find out, he owns a LOT of businesses and is actually retired but makes deliveries because he loves doing it..... this is just like...
  15. minivanman


    Just for fun you might be interested in this site. What Should I Read Next? Book recommendations from readers like you
  16. minivanman

    I have a question about testing your site

    Not too often will you ever see me ask a question but, per another thread on this site, it got me to thinking. Ya know those sites where you can type in your www and it will test your website? How accurate are those? Are they worth paying attention to? Thanks
  17. minivanman


    LMAO I love this! This was exactly how I always felt but never told my employees. Just so you know, I did treat them really well and none ever resented me, but in my mind I always felt like this when I bought something new. I would have never actually told them this. Some still email me. My...
  18. minivanman

    This might be the best I've seen

    Normally when I check the mail, if it is not a 'bill', I don't even consider looking at it, reading it or having anything to do with it. But yesterday in the mailbox was basically a vanity license plate, about the same size as a real license plate, with my wife's 1st name on it. They want her to...
  19. minivanman

    RANT Things are not always as they seem.....

    So yesterday we headed to Out Back Steakhouse because we love their potato soup.... that's all we get and bring a whole sleeve of our own crackers. lol Yes, they think we are crazy. Anyway, so as we are walking in there was a new, but what I thought was ugly, blue Maserati. It was a very nice...
  20. minivanman

    I was beginning to think I was the only one

    So we were out with these people the other night. One of the guys is very rich from oil. Us guys are all talking and then this guys wife says to the other ladies.... you will never guess what happened the other day! I walked in to the garage and 'G' had it full of old lawn mowers! I think he is...

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