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  1. SeanyHang

    How to license another companies technology?

    Hey guys! The question is in the headline but frankly, I don't even know if I'm asking the right question. Maybe you guys can help point me in the right direction for a little research adventure? I'm developing a product that has a widget stitched inside of it... The only problem is that the...
  2. SeanyHang

    Never Stop Getting Stronger

    Like most of you, since joining the Fastlane Forum - hell even before joining the forum - I've always wrestled with the challenges put before me. I've been lucky enough to be born with traits (or lucky enough to be apart of a family that instilled them) that allow me to put myself into...
  3. SeanyHang

    Business Math - May be boring to some, but it makes sense to know.

    Hey guys, I've spent a lot of time getting decent at sales, networking, outsourcing and many other things that (I would hope) are going to help me on my entrepreneurial journey. One thing that I haven't spent much time on is understanding how to use and when to use business math. For...
  4. SeanyHang

    WEB/DIGITAL eBook Ads?

    This may be the wrong section to post this...and if it is, my apologies. I have recently tried out a new technique (for me) of picking profitable eBook niches and writing/hiring someone to write a small book about the said niche. I have made some money passively from a single eBook I put out a...
  5. SeanyHang

    Finding a Manufacturer

    Hey guys, I've dabbled in a few different aspects of creating businesses and have failed and learned quite a bit (with a few successes here and there). One thing that I have not yet done is create a product and actually have it manufactured. My family has had this little...
  6. SeanyHang

    EXECUTION Website Progress - What do you guys think??

    A month ago, me and some buddies were browsing through a few of those cool random-product sites (sites that are typically catalog-style with affiliate products). It was a chill-little way to waste time but when all was said and done, that's all it was - a waste of time. You see, most of the...
  7. SeanyHang

    How do you test a market via Craigslist??

    (Sorry if this is the wrong part of the forum to test this thread) This is (I'd imagine) a pretty newb-ish thing to ask - but I keep seeing people posting advice saying that in order to test out your product idea or a potential market you could simply post to craigslist. Alright- Awesome. My...

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