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  1. Vitom

    MARKETPLACE Biophase - Introducing My Ecommerce/Amazon Business Coaching Program

    If I had the money. I would do this in a heartbeat.
  2. Vitom

    Beginners Nerves

    To be frank with you, that is something that you personally have to learn to cope with. Stress is handled differently in every situation and with different people. If they are contacting you, and every decision you make is thought out very logically and you give them no reason to send you a bad...
  3. Vitom

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I finally finished reading it, I already want to read it again. (seriously) But now I am going to let my girlfriend borrow it to get on the fast lane.
  4. Vitom

    INTRO Another newbie

    Welcome to the Jungle
  5. Vitom

    NOTABLE! Can I just mention how awful this job market is?

    You can always better yourself and learn lessons, even in a "Crap 9-5 job" my friend. Make something good out of every job. - Vito M.
  6. Vitom

    HOT TOPIC Ideas are shit: Let's Take Action Together

    30 DAY goal: Get out of the military. Obtain the ability to sell from my top choice manufacturer in Japan. Have designs ready to go and be ordered to place on the storefront with beautiful professional pictures. Enjoy living in the story I will be telling in 30 YEARS. - Vito M.
  7. Vitom

    NOTABLE! Successful Slowlaner Rebukes Fastlane (My Response...)

    Honestly tho, Let that F*cktard lead the herd into failure. If you are dumb enough to believe this - crest 3D white stripped 30 year old... you belong in the slow-lane. "invest in a horse, walk it down to that market that everyone sells their horse at, you know - and you don't even have to pay...
  8. Vitom

    Execution is everything

    I am impressed to see how well these guys are doing off of their idea. How many times are we gonna re-invent the razor?? How is it --that a product can be improved over and over again? Or is it? I remember Biophase on his GOLD AMA about Eccommerce; saying that you should take a product design...
  9. Vitom

    O/T: HEALTH Healthy eating- My grocery list

    Yessss, especially for a workaholics, Circulation and heart issues are going to pop up if you don't have a healthy routine. I know the Kinobody dude preaches intermittent fasting. I personally think it is just a fancy word for starving yourself.
  10. Vitom

    Private Car Selling

    Alright Sir, Lets break it down a little: Problem: A comprehensive tool set? So how are you going to keep accurate accountability? What if people loose or steal your tools? This is a common problem in Auto-hobby shops on military bases. Unfortunately, most people are too lazy to work on their...
  11. Vitom

    HOT TOPIC Jeff Sauer PPC Mastery Course. Legit or just overpriced?

    Wait a second here... So you are saying The Millionaire Fastlane teaches you how to be a PPC Master?
  12. Vitom

    GOLD! Take Your Computer Security Seriously! YOU Are At Risk!

    and sell the old ones to some unfortunate soul.
  13. Vitom

    GOLD! Take Your Computer Security Seriously! YOU Are At Risk!

    Nice. Runescape taught me how to buy and sell for profit at a young age.
  14. Vitom

    RANT Sam Ovens

    Just another Tai? These 'success stories' seem to be popping up more and more on the internet. People who have "overnight success" and now everyone wants to buy in on his recipe or secret. Its really frustrating to see people following and believing what they say. Its like the new MLM. Selling...
  15. Vitom

    I won the lottery!!!

    Whats that quote? "Lions don't loose sleep over the opinion of sheep"?
  16. Vitom

    I won the lottery!!!

    Ha. Maybe for a slow-laner.
  17. Vitom

    GOLD! Being in a relationship with a slowlaner...

    I get EXACTLY how you feel.
  18. Vitom

    HOT TOPIC When is it ever okay to comfortable in the slowlane?

    I agree 100%. And now, I don't say anything to them, but I look at people in shame when I see them wasting time; talking about video games and TV shows. I no longer have interest in those things.
  19. Vitom

    HOT TOPIC When is it ever okay to comfortable in the slowlane?

    Oh yes Sir, I don't doubt that one bit. But like you just said, you are 100% sure. That being said, ask yourself... what shoes do you want to fill in 10 years? Sometimes the answer will change, & it should. - Vito M.
  20. Vitom

    HOT TOPIC When is it ever okay to comfortable in the slowlane?

    -I deleted the third part to my post, but I will add it here since you mentioned that: High income is very valuable to me, because money buys freedom. I want to be my own boss, and not work for someone else's dreams. - Vito M.

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