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  1. Vitom

    Execution is everything

    I am impressed to see how well these guys are doing off of their idea. How many times are we gonna re-invent the razor?? How is it --that a product can be improved over and over again? Or is it? I remember Biophase on his GOLD AMA about Eccommerce; saying that you should take a product design...
  2. Vitom

    RANT Sam Ovens

    Just another Tai? These 'success stories' seem to be popping up more and more on the internet. People who have "overnight success" and now everyone wants to buy in on his recipe or secret. Its really frustrating to see people following and believing what they say. Its like the new MLM. Selling...
  3. Vitom


    Open Discussion: Why import from overseas when you can obtain a similar product on USA soil? (for those who live in USA) Is product in the USA higher quality? Or just more expensive? (in your opinion) Why? Are the price differences because of taxes and laws (like minimum wage)?
  4. Vitom

    HOT TOPIC Eccommerce: Sitting on Gold

    Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, I decided to start a new ecommerce website, and I found a really good niche for it. I see great opportunity for crazy profit. I only have one major problem. How can I get my product to my customers faster than the 16-30 day shipping? Should I drop ship from...
  5. Vitom

    Why so much talk about Ecommerce and AM??

    I am curious. I have seen several threads about the two, and I wondering... What are some other businesses you guys are generating wealth with? Does anyone have a business that's not on the Internet? Even a small one like a car detailing company.
  6. Vitom

    There is no such thing as a "secret" for success.

    Alright my friends, It has come to my attention, that a lot of people try and sell a "secret" to success online. & it is getting really annoying. ______ There is NO WAY (unless you win the lotto) to make lots of money without putting work and time into what you're doing. I used to fall for these...

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