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  1. Chitown

    Engineering Process

  2. Chitown

    Engineering Process

  3. Chitown

    EXECUTION "Put Down The FN Donuts!" (A Journey of Getting Healthy)

    Well, here we are three weeks removed from the end of the Meetup and I'm just getting around to responding to the gauntlet thrown down by @LightHouse during his brief address to the Summit attendees. He gently admonished us to not treat the Meetup as a "tips, tactics and tricks" conference but...
  4. Chitown

    INTRO I'm looking forward to the Fastlane Meetup 2016...

    Hello Fellow Fastlaners! I don't believe I ever formally introduced myself.:D I found out about TFF through forum member J. Scott' real estate blog while stumbling around his site. Man, am I glad I did that! This place was eye opening. It was the first time I'd associated with people who...
  5. Chitown

    OFF-TOPIC Americans...Do You Feel You're In Danger???

    Hey Fastlaners, This particular question is specifically for the U.S. citizens on the forum. However, if any non-U.S. forum members want to chime in, I'd love to hear your insight, as well:): Do you feel the world has become a more dangerous place for Americans traveling abroad...
  6. Chitown

    Licensing a National Brand for a New, Unrelated Product Line...

    Fastlaners, I'm in a coffee shop, yesterday, and the baristo comes up to me and asks if I've tried his new ice blended drink made with a nationally popular Brand -- which shall remain nameless, for obvious reasons. I respond, "No. I haven't". He goes on to say that he went through four...
  7. Chitown

    OFF-TOPIC Hard Work...Exponential Profit

    Homework, persistence and curiosity paid off in spades for this gentleman... How a Rogue Geologist Discovered a Diamond Trove in the Canadian Arctic
  8. Chitown

    OFF-TOPIC Check Out This Nasty Ride...Sick

    Fastlaners, I'm not a huge car person but I admire beauty in all forms when it crosses my path. Nice... Veritas RS III by Vermot AG (EN) | Intro neu :notworthy:
  9. Chitown

    How goes it?

    Hey Folks, My name is Anthony E. Russell aka Chitown. I actually joined the forum in April but realized I never introduced myself. My bad. To all those who share their knowledge and experiences with us newbies -- thank you. Speaking in my behalf, your generosity of spirit and encouragement is...

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