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  1. kamanuci

    What to do with those critics, including the biggest critic, ourselves.

    There is a great video that talks about how to deal with the critics in our lives and just take action! Hopefully this encourages you as it does me.
  2. kamanuci

    I think Obama read MFL!

    Found this article that talks about an interview with President Obama. Does some of it sound familar? A Compelling Answer Earlier today, a reader pointed me toward a blog post about Barack Obama from the Humans of New York project. The post quotes Obama’s answer to the following question...
  3. kamanuci

    Great words to live by

    Ran across this video that has some great words to live by. There is profanity so you have been warned.
  4. kamanuci

    MEETUPS Los Angeles Meetup

    Anyone interested? If we can get 3 or more people I'll set one up. If you want to know more about what I'm doing and you're a part of the INSIDERS. Check out my progress thread in my signature.
  5. kamanuci

    Hi, my name is Kaman and I'm looking forward to learn, grow and contribute

    Tell us who you are, where you're from (don't lie), and what brought you here. I'm a 33 year old product manager at a company that helps people purchase domains that are already registered by someone else. I'm a new father and now feel the added pressure of providing for a family. I'm in Los...

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