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  1. minivanman

    What Do You Think of My Website/Business?

    Is your name Michael and do you have a sister that lives in Abilene? Yes, weird questions but I think I might know you. :)
  2. minivanman

    Race to the bottom

    Yep. That's what I did with every lawn service I started, and then sold them.
  3. minivanman

    Race to the bottom

    Exactly. The wife text me last night and told me about the a/c might not be cooling. What will I do? Replace it. Why? Because I hate wasting time with crap on a house. Replace it...... not worry about it. Now I'm looking for another lawn guy..... 3 haven't showed up. Keep in mind, I never...
  4. minivanman

    REFUNDS? - Client Wants One Despite No Refund Policy

    Bad reviews can make you look GREAT! Give a heart felt apology in response to their bad review and explain that results vary and you clearly state that you have a no refunds policy. I usually only look for bad reviews so I can see how the business owner responded. People who know business and...
  5. minivanman

    FEATURED! Post Your Desk or Work Area! (The Workspace Thread)

    How as the test drive? Have you recovered yet?
  6. minivanman

    FEATURED! Post Your Desk or Work Area! (The Workspace Thread)

    My daughter lives between Destin and highway 10. We go there every year several times a year but now that my grandson is 17, he can drive there if he wants to go. It's nice there but I need to go some place else for a change (Hopefully New York City in October if we are able. Tickets were bought...
  7. minivanman

    Debt: employee vs owner

    I was #4. Never had debt or a credit score that I know of. I put every penny back in to the business and it didn't take long at all for it to really grow. It took me a year to see, because at the time, I had the slow lane mind set and never thought about making lots of money. Once I figured that...
  8. minivanman

    INTRO How To Make Money With No Money

    Here is what you can do to make money fast. Then keep this up until you have enough money to start the business you want to start. Find something in your house that is worth $7...... put it on Facebook Market Place for $5 and go down to $2 if needed. Now you have atleast $2 to save. Find...
  9. minivanman

    OFF-TOPIC How Long Do You Keep Your Cellphone

    I was all for the smaller phone as well..... until I started using the bigger screen. I have a love/hate relationship with this new phone and that is 1 of the reasons. I have my text so large you can probably read it from your house. The older I get the more blind I get.
  10. minivanman

    OFF-TOPIC How Long Do You Keep Your Cellphone

    I've been with Apple for about 10 years. I usually keep my phone about 2 years. I currently have an X but....... I got the X and didn't like it so I went back to my old phone for about a year. I only started using the X about 6 months ago. Just as I liked Windows98, I liked the older phone style...
  11. minivanman

    Facebook Groups? (How To Build A Successful One?)

    For my one business, I have a profile that is a member of well over 400 Facebook groups. But like Andy, I do not wish to run one because of the time factor.
  12. minivanman

    OFF-TOPIC Is it tacky to talk about MONEY and INCOME?

    For me, if I'm helping someone in business, I don't mind telling them the numbers. The reason I do not like talking numbers sometimes is because if I own business A and you own business B..... they are exactly the same businesses...... if you are wanting to know what I make, there is no way to...
  13. minivanman

    OFF-TOPIC big fish aquarium

    Back in the waterbed days I always wanted a fish tank on the sides and foot of the bed. I just thought it would be cool..... and then waterbeds went out of style...... but I still think it would be cool!
  14. minivanman

    Investing while still having debt

    Actually there was an article about Buffett the other day and he was telling people to pay off their credit card debt first because even he does not know how to make 18% interest in the stock market. There is always that 1 person that wins big while the 999 others go home with their tails...
  15. minivanman

    OFF-TOPIC You think people would be into youtube videos of me riding around NYC during corona lol

    I see. I think after everything gets opened and my household gets back to normal I'm going to turn on this camera that I bought and put it to use. My goal is to guide the 2 channels together but separate. I have no problem talking about the other channel in case someone from channel 1 wants to...
  16. minivanman

    How to respond to haters

    I used to get negative people when I was talking about my business and how great it was. I was probably over-doing it but I was actually trying to get them on-board to start their own business. Mine was a house cleaning business so I used to catch all kinds of hell (I was a straight male in a...
  17. minivanman

    OFF-TOPIC You think people would be into youtube videos of me riding around NYC during corona lol

    I don't know much about Youtube but my question is, why are you wary about making 2 channels?
  18. minivanman

    OFF-TOPIC Happy Birthday Andy Black

  19. minivanman

    OFF-TOPIC You think people would be into youtube videos of me riding around NYC during corona lol

    DLB, Why not put it on your gaming channel and also make another channel and put it on there. See what results you get. If you put good SEO on it, you might luck out with just 1 video.
  20. minivanman

    OFF-TOPIC You think people would be into youtube videos of me riding around NYC during corona lol

    And by the time you bought all of that and waited ......................................................................................... you could have just ordered it from Amazon, got it within a couple of days and already had 10 videos up. Oh well, we all do stuff like that. People will...

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