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  1. LinorCG

    How do organizations today decide who should be let go?

    Financial reports: End of the financial year...lets retrench, downsize, make positions redundant. Beginning of the financial this openings please.
  2. LinorCG

    HOT TOPIC Saved up 3 thousand dollars and I don't want to make a mistake. Looking for advice.

    So just a question, are you doing all this to impress a girl? Say you did impress a couple and started dating, will you be able to sustain this lifestyle or will you end up as a impostor? - NOW THIS!!! :bicep: Confidence builds up when you start learning and getting experience. Still it all...
  3. LinorCG

    INTRO New to forum & FL ideals... Well versed in the SCRIPT...

    Welcome to the Forum! Glad to hear that you've been sent to the right path. There's a lot of thread about copywriting in here and they're really good ones! :) Happy reading and keep pushing forward!
  4. LinorCG

    [FREE]-Learn How To Optimize Your Google My Business Page

    Hey man, no offence but are you advertising? I just saw that the link goes to a kinda like udemy site where its for someone else. Care to introduce more about yourself? There were questions on your INTRO post about what you do, what industry you're in, etc...we'd like to hear about those...
  5. LinorCG

    HOT TOPIC Let’s be real: If you're over 35, you don't have a chance.

    Martin Pistorius was unable to move for 12 to 14 years. Everyone thought he was brain dead, his mom wished he died instead of seeing him suffering in the bed and the worst thing is he is aware of everything but couldn't move. Yet he became a web developer, designer and am author. Nigel Richards...
  6. LinorCG

    "Do business the way it's usually done, if you're satisfied making the usual money the usual...

    "Do business the way it's usually done, if you're satisfied making the usual money the usual morons do."
  7. LinorCG

    INTRO Well, well, well me own presentation!

    Hey welcome to the forum! Reading through your introduction, I applaud you with the learning but sometimes jumping from one topic, trend, subject, business, job too quickly just to get your hands with something IN or HOT (SHINY OBJECT SYNDROME) at the moment ruins progress.
  8. LinorCG

    Bitcoin goes parabolic, up 20% in one day, rises from the dead

    Would it be because of the news that Facebook released Libra (their own cryto)?
  9. LinorCG

    Blockchain is Future

    It's attractive but it may take a while for companies to adopt. The previous company that I worked with had a big project to get Blockchain developers spending thousands and thousands of $$ to get the infrastructure and people's knowledge up to par but later on sack the entire project as it...
  10. LinorCG

    Honeygain passive income

    Hmmm...tell us more about yourself, your dreams, desires, experiences, etc...sorry but it would make further posts credible. I find the links a bit like a promotion, again sorry, its just me.
  11. LinorCG

    OFF-TOPIC Show us your pet(s) !

    I definitely miss this guy...been a while since I saw him.
  12. LinorCG

    INTRO I'll be 60 before the next Presidential election and I'm still going to cancel my 'scription!

    Hey welcome to the forum! I'm sure with that determination and experience of your's you'll be able to go pass all the obstacles, challenges along the way and succeed one way or another. You're ahead of most of the people here in terms of experience so use that as your advantage. Keep pushing...
  13. LinorCG

    Anyone use CLICKFUNNELS?

    Tried it and its not for users without a mailing list or for those starting with Online Marketing without deep pockets.
  14. LinorCG

    Does offering too many sizes lead to loss of sales?

    I think that's something you can test in little quantities (5pcs each maybe) at a time. If you can use Amazon PPC for each variation then you can collect enormous data and see what variation is selling the most and restock that up. It's a good way to get data without spending a lot of money.
  15. LinorCG

    INTRO Hello from Canada!

    Alright! Good luck on your journey then.
  16. LinorCG

    INTRO Hello from Canada!

    Welcome to the forum! Hey, what are you working on right now?
  17. LinorCG

    OFF-TOPIC Which Movies/Series/TV Shows Are You Watching?

    Series: Tiny houses - it just amuses me how they build which such good ideas. The World's Most Extraordinary Homes - Now THIS! Whew! Movie: John Wick 3 - about a person killing another person or a group. :) Games: Dota 2 - online gaming, can't help it, it's kinda addicting but I'm controlling it.
  18. LinorCG

    Facebook Ads Audience based on Country of Origin

    @eGrizzly one thing I learned to make the most out of your budget it targeting as specific as you can get. I believe you can also add FB Pages (in the Interests field), so if you know an FB pages where your target audiences are then you can add that too.
  19. LinorCG

    HOT TOPIC Andy shoots the breeze with eliquid

    This!!! I totally agree on this one, I think we do better (procrastinate less) when we're doing it for other people. Same as helping others even by going out of our way, that's human nature I guess. So if we make or dedicate it to others, it could move us forward more quickly.
  20. LinorCG

    INTRO 27-year-old middle-laner, trying to go from good to great

    Welcome to the forum! Good seems you're already ahead and got the ideal experience (sales, cold-calling). Hang around and keep reading threads. You might pickup and idea or two or you already have one that needs clarity or direction. I'm sure GOLD nuggets are everywhere here, you...

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