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  1. tigerbalm

    EXECUTION Breaking news: Colorado man pursues web design

    This just in: Colorado man succumbs to the web design pandemic that appears to be gripping the community. When asked about the origin of this act of rational optimism, the man responded "Daddy gotta stack that cheddar yo". Powerful words indeed. Hi. This is my web design execution thread. I'm...
  2. tigerbalm

    Real Estate investing in Colorado?

    Hello! Over the past year I've been trying to implement some of the strategies I've encountered in TMF and Unscripted. I'm currently working on a business that I'm pretty happy with, whilst working my decent paying job as a software developer. I'm approaching the point where I'd like to start...
  3. tigerbalm

    INTRO Developer from Colorado - hello!

    Hey there. 27 y/o front end developer (getting into fullstack) from Colorado here. Several years ago I decided to quit my job in marketing to travel for several months in Southeast Asia. I ended up doing that for sixth months and returning to the job that sustained me through high school and an...

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