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  1. BlackLands

    Which knowledge are necessary to build a web platform?

    Hi, I want to develop a web platform to follow my business idea. I already had experience with development so I don't have any problem to learn new programming languages. I need an help form someone with more experience, which knowledge/programming language are necessary to build a simple web...
  2. BlackLands

    Meeting platform between farmers and agricultural holdings

    Hi, I live in a place where agriculture is a part of the our culture. Where I live, people don't have a great understanding of technology and plenty of companies employ staff by word of mouth. My idea is to create a platform where people can register and offer this list of hypothetical staff...
  3. BlackLands

    INTRO A 21's old hungry boy

    Hi, my name is Daniele and I'm 21 years old. I'm from the south of Italy, and I'm a computer science student. I love learning, improve myself until the limit and one of my passion is reading. I discovered the book on which the forum is based thank to youtube. I am not satisfied with myself, I'm...

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